Top Tier Supports in the Current MetaBy KawaiiSocks on

The current support pool cannot be characterized by a single idea. It is very varied and multi-faceted, with individual character strength being the deciding factor for the hero’s success, rather than their ability to excel at some specific game timing. Today we are going to discuss top tier supports in the current meta for pub play and why they tend to work so well.

Weekly Quest OverviewBy KawaiiSocks on

This week quests are rather straightforward, but it doesn’t mean optimizing their completion is not worth the effort. After all, the faster you complete them, the faster you get to play your favorite heroes, getting into an advantageous position.

Top Tier Offlaners in the Current MetaBy KawaiiSocks on

The pool of Offlaners in the current patch feels extremely limited, hence highlighting the heroes that work is very much worthwhile. After a whole patch of lane-dominating ranged semi-carries in the offlane we are back to the old school normal of tanky teamfighters and it is a welcome sight before the International.

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Where is Tidehunter?By KawaiiSocks on

There is a subset of heroes who are considered “The International Heroes”. It might be coincidence, or perhaps they are just comfortable for the players on the big stage, but huge teamfight heroes like Enigma, Earthshaker, Beastmaster, Batrider and Tidehunter always make their way back into the meta around TI seasons. Four out of five iconic TI heroes are already trending up, making waves in both professional and pub scenes, but Tidehunter is nowhere to be seen. What happened?

Герои, которых игнорили на квалахBy KawaiiSocks on

Возможно нецелесообразно ссылаться на статистику про-игр чтобы делать выводы для пабов, однако есть информация, которую сложно игнорировать. За ~250 игр квалификаций в шести регионах два героя не удостоились ни одного бана и ни одного пика. Silencer и Outworld Destroyer сейчас считаются абсолютно неприемлемыми героями в про-играх, и сегодня мы бы хотели обсудить их роль в пабах.

Top Tier Carries in the Current MetaBy KawaiiSocks on

Dota has been quite carry-centric the last year or so, with the role feeling a little bit more important than the other core roles. That means knowing which carries work and which do not is incredibly important: with great power comes great responsibility. Today we are going to look at the three most successful and consistent carry heroes in the game right now and discuss why they work so well.

How to Play Batrider Like a ProBy KawaiiSocks on

Batrider is currently one of those peculiar heroes, who are doing exceptionally well at higher MMRs, but are heavily misunderstood and misused in lower ratings. We will attempt to change that and give a brief explanation of why and how this hero is currently so good.

Герои, которых стоит избегатьBy KawaiiSocks on

В каждом патче есть свои популярные, но откровенно слабые пики. Возможно популярность таких героев связана с новой механикой, или с каким-то небольшим баффом. Однако конечный результат всегда один: игроки продолжают играть на этих героях, проигрывая ММР себе и своей команде. Сегодня обсудим главных претендентов для черного списка героев.

Герои, которые вернулись в игруBy KawaiiSocks on

Переход с 7.31 на 7.32 и последующий переход в версию 7.32b был очень интересен для ряда героев. Некоторые из них стали заметно сильнее, некоторые оказались в центре внимания на одну неделю, после чего снова пропали с радаров. А некоторые получили недельные отпуск, после которого вернулись в мету с новыми силами. Сегодня про таких героев и поговорим.

Heroes We Might See at the QualifiersBy KawaiiSocks on

The TI Qualifiers are just around the corner and the professional players have been playing a lot of pubs in preparation. Today we would like to discuss the unexpected heroes they were training and why they might make big waves in both the professional and the pub scenes.

Patch 7.32 First Trends: Biggest WinnersBy KawaiiSocks on

The new patch changed quite a bit about the game with a multitude of hero changes on top of global economy reworks. This has sent ripples through the meta and while it will definitely take a while for it to settle down, some trends are starting to emerge. Today we are going to discuss the biggest winners of the patch and why they suddenly became so relevant.

Patch 7.32 First ImpressionsBy KawaiiSocks on

The new patch was with us for a couple of days and it is time to look at the first gameplay trends we see emerging. We are going to leave statistical analysis of winners and losers of the patch for when the dust settles and we have more information to work with. For now we will concentrate on things you should be doing in your pubs in the new patch and why.

Carries Who Could Use Some LoveBy KawaiiSocks on

Last time we talked about supports who were for one reason or another completely absent from the meta. Today we are going to concentrate on position one heroes who, in our opinion, desperately need an upgrade to become viable.

Supports Who Could Use Some LoveBy KawaiiSocks on

When a problematically powerful hero arises in the meta, it is usually painfully obvious. The same cannot be said about problematically weak heroes and here is our list of support heroes who could use some buffs in the upcoming patch.

Patch 7.32 WishlistBy KawaiiSocks on

We know the patch is coming some time soon. It is still a question of whether it is going to be a big patch, fundamentally changing the game with new mechanics and maybe some map changes; or it is going to be a small patch, focusing on balance changes before the upcoming TI. We truly hope for the former, however given how close we are to the biggest tournament of the year, it might be the latter. Hence our wishlist is going to be a little bit reserved.

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