Лучшие мидеры патчаBy KawaiiSocks on

В миде происходят небольшие изменения. Ввиду падения эффективности и популярности предыдущих мидеров, в мете появились новые, интересные герои. Причём многие из них ориентированы на долгую, жадную и даже немного грязную игру. Так что если Вы один из тех, кто не против замарать руки для победы — этот патч для вас.

Лучшие Кэрри ПатчаBy KawaiiSocks on

Последний мини-патч заметно увеличил количество рабочих кэрри героев. Из-за отсутствия Лины, а также падения популярности Shadow Fiend, в игре теперь много героев, которыми можно и стоит играть на первой позиции. Сегодня мы бы хотели поговорить о самых интересных из них.

Победители патча 7.32еBy KawaiiSocks on

Неделя прошла с момента выхода патча и мы бы хотели взглянуть на то, как именно изменилась мета. Однозначно, в патче очень много "проигравших" — героев, которых по заслугам понерфили. Однако там список вполне очевидный и не хотелось бы повторяться. Вместо этого мы лучше обсудим героев, которые стали заметно сильнее и которыми стоит играть в пабах.

Наивысшее кол-во Смертей за матчНа этой неделе
Muerta First ImpressionsBy KawaiiSocks on

The Big Gameplay patch might not be here, but we have a whole new hero to keep us entertained and for the first time in a very, very long while we got an actual new carry in the game. One that looks promising, but might need some serious buffs, from the looks of it.

Lima Major Group Stage RecapBy KawaiiSocks on

One of the potential benefits of the longer patch lifecycle is that the execution gets to be in the spotlight in every single game. Because there is little room for a drafting stage surprise, games are mostly decided by better coordination and execution. The meta itself might not be too exciting, but the level of play at this Major feels like it is the International all over again.

What Can We Expect from the Lima Major?By KawaiiSocks on

The Major starts very soon and we feel like a discussion on it is in order. We are not going to try and rank the teams, though, as it seems like an exercise in futility: a lot has changed since the International and smaller multi-regional tournaments are rarely indicative of the actual power levels of the teams. Instead, we would love to speculate on how the best professional esports teams in the world might try to develop and experiment with a very old meta.

The Most Important Items of the PatchBy KawaiiSocks on

It seems it might take a while for Valve to release the new patch, so far a little bit longer we are stuck with the current hero and item meta. Today we would like to highlight the most important items in the current patch and discuss why exactly they are considered stronger than average.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: 7.32 EditionBy KawaiiSocks on

It’s been almost six months since the last big patch release and while we are all desperately waiting for a new gameplay update, there is no denying 7.32 was a very good patch. Great hero and strategy diversity, as well as many small, incremental fixes made for a very eventful half-year and today we would like to take a trip down the memory lane to remember what 7.32 gave us.

DPC Tour One Meta RecapBy KawaiiSocks on

We know that the DPC is technically not over, but with a potential patch coming some time soon we might not have time for a recap at a later date. This DPC season was full of surprising new developments and today we would like to highlight the most important of them. Friendly reminder: this is based on Division One professional games and your experience in pubs will definitely vary.

Is Sniper Overrated?By KawaiiSocks on

The rise of ranged position one carries opened the melee position five support route. It is definitely a good thing, as some long-forgotten heroes are now starting to see play. At the same time, once players figured out how good heroes like Treant Protector are, they started trying to get away with even greedier and even squishier carries, ultimately ending up with Lina, Shadow Fiend, Drow Ranger and Sniper as the biggest trendsetters. Only one of them is not like the others.

Dealing With LinaBy KawaiiSocks on

Lina is the number one carry of the patch and it is not even close. Great laning stage, high farming speed, impressive scaling and flexible builds make her a little bit too strong in the current patch. Strong, but not unbeatable and today we would like to talk about how to deal with Lina.

Going With the Flow: The Best Meta Hero for Each RoleBy KawaiiSocks on

Between the DPC games and a ton of third party tournaments, it is easy to figure out which heroes work and which heroes don’t. Today we are going to look at each position individually and tell you what hero tends to perform the best in it.

Giving Unconventional Supports a TryBy KawaiiSocks on

There is a huge difference between giving unconventional carries a try and doing the same with supports, especially in ranked matchmaking. Supports are typically picked first and as such, they usually need to be very flexible, straightforward and fit multiple different strategies. Supports we are going to discuss today are not necessarily the best idea in your everyday solo pubs, but given their popularity and success in the professional scene, they are worth giving a try in a party.

Giving Unconvetional Carries a TryBy KawaiiSocks on

Dota roles can be very flexible and one of the recent trends is a showcase of that. A lot of professional teams are currently experimenting with somewhat unconventional position one heroes with great success. Today we want to have a look at how and why that works so well.

Next Battle Pass WishlistBy KawaiiSocks on

Last time we touched on the topic of Dota Battle Passes and today we would like to expand on it. Playing Dota is already one of the most rewarding gaming experiences one can have and a more engaging Battle Pass could elevate it even further. Here is our Wishlist for the next Battle Pass.

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