The International 11 WishlistBy KawaiiSocks on

After a Decade of Champions, the Aegis completed its circle. We hope it isn’t an end, but just the beginning of a new era of the International. We have several suggestions that, in our opinion, will make the best esports event of the year even better.

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Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Main Event Day 6By KawaiiSocks on

The final day is tomorrow and it is the last fantasy guide for this TI. Team Spirit might be playing like absolute madmen with their carefree attitude, but we won’t. So once again, we are hedging our bets.

Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Main Event Day 5By KawaiiSocks on

All-in Vici Gaming? All-in Invictus Gaming? A mix of both? We think after yesterday’s upset it is safe to say it is impossible to predict the better team. So, once again, we are going with better averages for all positions.

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Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Main Event Day 4By KawaiiSocks on

The first day of the playoffs when we really have to guess the winners in a lower bracket match for a possible double series. Is it wise to all-in on a team or is it better to spread your eggs across multiple baskets? Let’s find out.

Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Main Event Day 3By KawaiiSocks on

Two upper bracket and two elimination matches tomorrow and no chances of repeating teams, so once again the fantasy is going to be pretty straightforward. Follow the highest averages and the series most likely to end up in a bloodbath for the highest score.

Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Main Event Day 2By KawaiiSocks on

Some very unexpected stomps and some heart-breaking losses later, we are now in Day 2 of the main event. Four teams have already left the tournament, but the most interesting part is only starting.

Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Main Event Day 1By KawaiiSocks on

The first couple of days of TI10 main event fantasy are going to be quite easy. There are no potential repeating teams, and we don’t need to guess whether a team needs to play extra matches.

Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Day 4By KawaiiSocks on

The last day of the group stage is going to have less regular games, but there is always a chance of tiebreakers, so we have to factor those in. Luckily, some of the top fantasy earners are also among the players with the highest chance of tiebreakers.

Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Day 3By KawaiiSocks on

After two days it is still incredibly hard to say who is going to emerge from TI10 victorious, as teams are testing out a lot of different strategies and heavy favorites lose to underdogs. However, while the overall power levels between teams are still being figured out, there are now clear runaways in terms of fantasy scorers, so our job is a little bit easier this time around.

Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Day 2By KawaiiSocks on

With the first day behind us, we now have a little bit more to go on when selecting our roster for Day 2. Once again, the selection is going to be from teams that play three series tomorrow and once again we are going to concentrate on heavy tournament favorites for core roles, but select statistically best performing supports, regardless of team standing.

Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Day 1By KawaiiSocks on

Once again the International group stage has one group playing more matches in a given day, making some of the calculations easier. Day one is Group A, so we are going to be picking exclusively from the nine teams in it.

The International 10 Predictions: Players and TeamsBy KawaiiSocks on

Whereas tournament and hero predictions are firmly based on stats and it is easy to stay objective, the team and player predictions are often influenced by our own perceptions. We will try our best to remain impartial and pick our predictions based solely on statistics, but that is not necessarily the most effective approach. So for most categories, several viable options are going to be presented, from which you will be able to pick the one you feel is the best.

The International 10 Predictions: Heroes and TournamentBy KawaiiSocks on

Predictions are especially hard this year. Few DPC tournaments, problems with international competition in general and multiple small patches after the last big event all make guesses unreliable at best. We will still try to do our best to provide the reasoning behind our picks and oftentimes discuss the alternatives.

Считаем до Трёх?By Duality on

Перед началом TI10 нужно вспомнить про одну команду, которая обязательно обратит на себя внимание. OG, несмотря на тихий 2020-й год, будут участвовать на The International, защищая свой титул. Их путь к третьему Аегису в этому году кажется еще более сложным.

Темные Лошадки The International 10By KawaiiSocks on

Нет команд интереснее для просмотра, чем Темные Лошадки. Команды, которые могут как забрать турнир, выиграв фаворитов, так и вылететь в первом раунде. В этом году Темные Лошадки The International особенно интересны, хотя бы своим разнообразием причин, по которым они попали в эту категорию.

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