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    understanding how can such room temperature m o t h e r f u c k e r s exist in this game

    Hassam II

      Little mistake there
      "so when a hero is lacking AS, buying damage is preferable and vice versa."
      I guess you meant the exact opposite of that

      Thanks for the article though


        Oh, yeah, absolutely! Should be fixed now, thanks!


          I’d pick brood here


            More posts like this!


              Probably a decent article for newer players or those who never got into the inner mechanics of the game.
              Very theoretical though.

              Stuff like procs with cooldowns (basher and mjollnir), added or converted magic damage (brooch, mkb and parasma). I think any of those would shift the formula a little, some by a lot even.
              Simple example - mjollnir has internal cooldown of 0.25s, so having any attack speed above that (while rare, still possible) would be slightly less valuable since you go on two-cycle for chance of proc.

              In the end, right click damage is just not a simple thing in dota.