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    Carries against Lina? I'm unsure bar maybe a sniper but I'm a big fan of picking Axe/Clock into her. It does require the blink and blademail for the former but you can pretty much solo her. There is a big BUT however, and that Axe feels very "meh" right now. Albeit I play in the 'trench', he just seems very underwhelming.

    @Kawaiisocks what are your thoughts on Axe as hero right now?

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      I've seen Axe do well against greedy melee supports. It is a very interesting dynamic.

      Lina/SF as a carry kind of enable weak melee lane supports, most notably Riki and Nyx. I think Omni and Ogre Magi are also in this category, as are probably some other heroes. Axe can really punish a draft like that and I saw it a couple of times in tournaments I've casted.

      The idea is Lina doesn't want to miss farm, but weak Melee lane support can't do anything to Axe. As Axe you get behind the enemy tower an pull towards the neutrals getting double the farm. Since Lina doesn't want to leave lane and miss creeps you do not feel threatened, not by Riki/Nyx-type supports. Lina can't waveclear early levels with the 1-1-4-1 build most players go for, so it is unlikely she rotates in to contest that, not without an opportunity cost of losing a wave of creeps. Most pub players and even pro carry players are efficiency oriented and might not adapt in time.

      The end result is you profit very well out of this economically. You get a lot of gold and XP, as does Lina, but you can really propell Axe towards his key items and with higher tempo just take over the game. Don't get too greedy and too cocky, and I think it might work very well.

      It also potentially frees up a position four support to pressure mid or to make some stacks.


        You forgot pos 2 tusk


          I think everyone should be aware that most of these heroes suggested are for games where your teammates do theyre job I wouldnt suggest picking Batrider mid or Lina pos 1 or DP 3 until you are atleast legend rank


            I feel like there was a sorely missed opportunity to include Riki as one of the best position 4's over Rubick. This hero is crushing pubs right now just by picking up aghs shard for sleep dart. Beyond that, his build allows for more utility with lotus orb and force staff. Many people are even opting for aether lens and blink dagger just to double down on the strength of sleep dart. This hero is being played almost the same number of matches as Mirana in high-level pubs and matching her win rate; a whole 3% higher than Rubick's. Its only notable weakness right now is its relatively poor laning stage. Smokescreen is also a highly oppressive spell right now given that your counterplay options are force staff or BKB (the former, not every hero wants to build, and the latter, has been nerfed to have a 90-second cooldown; the recent trend towards dispels, such as lotus and grieves, won't get you out of the cloud).

            And although I understand why such heroes wouldn't make the cut in this article, I would like to give some honorable mentions to position 5 Silencer, position 1 Slark, and position 2 Ember Spirit, Pangolier, and Tusk. These heroes have all solidified a place in the meta for their respective roles.

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              Why do you think Dazzle is unpopular?

              DANCE WITH ME

                To call an overall 47.75% winrate held broken is of course exciting. Any Blink Jump initiator can quickly take a Lina out of the fight. To play Lina as a P1, the draft has to fit, with e.g. a Treant protecting her. :-)