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      DotaBuff, ruining my pubs 1 stupid article at a time.


        "DotaBuff, ruining my pubs 1 stupid article at a time." agreed

        It was all yellow

          soon we will see am pos 5. article be like 'you can harass with mana burn, and even reflect spells! recover mid-game with battlefury'


            You should take this articles and put them in your ass. All in this series. Now every retards thanks to you is going to deboost mmr of others. Thank you really. Go now and write more of this shit please this is not enough. Next time write about support anti mage with mekanism please. or support phantom assassin with mana boots. everything can work ofc if you want to lose mmr. That's exactly why normal people are leaving this game because they simply can't play with all abusers and idiots in this game that want to play this crap builds. But go please do it more. Open after this new series where you write about how supports can be cores. Do that one please. It will be bestseller :) Trash journalism in its finest


              Just stop with this article series...

              Tu tayta

                Rofl these comments. Do you guys seriously think these articles are encouraging people to pick weird stuff instead of say...pros doing it, having success in a single game that people just happened to watch and aping that?
                Not to mention that this whole "everything can work" philosophy (more like meme-mindset) was pretty much immortalized by NoTail, so if anything, you should be blaming him.


                  Everybody flaming the author obv hasn't watched high-level dota in months. Pros are experimenting, you see Kuroky and Cr1t etc trying these builds and ofc most of us are really questioning it. These articles are just meant to show why they're getting kinda popular, not encourage it as the best way to play. Even the latest patch nerfed support Sniper cause it was taking over pubs. Take it up with Kuro if you don't like it


                    You guys really don't read, do you? He says NOT to pick it. He explains why NOT to pick it. Kawaii talks about how games would go, if it is picked (hint, since you obviously didn't read: NOT WELL). He talks about its presence in higher-level pubs and even pro games, and how it could POSSIBLY, BUT SHOULDN'T, go to pubs.


                      the tittle implies that ember spirit support CAN work , so in some way he is telling people to pick it
                      shit article


                        I'm interested why you chose Ember as the last core go support hero? There are others that seem more viable that are being played like Void Spirit and Qop, also support invoker has always been an intriguing one that has never taken off.

                        It'd also be interesting to get the perspective on why some core go support heroes have gone out of fashion like Kunkka, Slardar, Naga & Bounty.


                          We might do more heroes in the future and we really enjoyed working on the series since it allowed us to look at Dota in general from a slightly different perspective, while also keeping fundamentals in mind. Ember Spirit was chosen for that reason — he is most far-out kind of support pick, so it was fun trying it out in pubs (I don't do that in ranked and typically with a full stack who agreed to it).

                          Personally, I am excited to explore Viper Support a little bit more, because Bristleback has been quite annoying and Viper does actually have some great teamfight tools

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                            Yes, please explore that and write new article about that. WE WANT MORE !!!! Because players wanted it :). And the guy top said how people shouldnt be picking this because you wrote how you didnt find it particularly useful. Well kids and idiots in pubs ranked ofc included are the ones that will exactly because of that pick and play this shit. They will think this is exactly how they will climb in MMR. Because maybe others didnt know how to play sniper support properly, so he will :). If you find it not exactly good in winrate then why writing at all especially with title CAN. Very useless articles. Better write more how should people use potential of items and when to buy what. Or counters to heroes or soemthing like that and not this shit. TY


                              It's not surprising that people who complain about innovative picks are potato bracket.


                                tbh, as long as you know what you're doing, it's fine to pick any heroes to supp. I don't mind if you want to pick support spec or support AM, as long as you can prove to be useful at laning and teamfight.

                                Just don't be retarded using support spec then try getting radiance, get a vessel,glimmer, forcestaff


                                  That's really stupid to write articles like this, you're just ruining pubs.


                                    Maybe in your archon bracket it won't work ofcourse, but in high level pubs game, perhaps it's possible.


                                      It's not really ruining pubs. Believe it or not, one team always loses and feels like shit after every dota game, and people usually manage to find a way to blame their team for it whether or not they have a support ember.


                                        you sure its not your 46% winrate thats ruining the games, Primate?


                                          @Alezandr and yet I'm 1000+ MMR higher than you.

                                          Hard concept but.. you can win or lose in a "ruined game" when it is won/loss from the hero pick screen. I'd rather lose a quality match than win against a team with stupid hard carry supports.

                                          Also, get fucked.


                                            yeah dont market pro plays doesnt matter in pubs


                                              I saw 1 player in top tier picking pos 4 ember, he won those matches, but seemed his playing was less impactful than with normal supps. So i tried supp ember 3 times, 2 of those times were vs am and i felt even less useful, overall experience were underwelming and lost those matches. Kinda felt like pango pos 4, but much worse.


                                                Delet this.

                                                Curvy and Sexy

                                                  guys if u dont like it dont read it.
                                                  is someone put a pistol on ur head and said: read this???

                                                  The Blackbird

                                                    Ember spirit is not a hero you can handle. Dont play it. It's an incredibly complex hero that is out of your depth of comprehension. I can guarantee you don't even understand the spells properly. For example, if I asked you something basic like how far you can reach with sleight of fist and why, you would probably have to think for sometime and check some references before you can even think what the answer is. Yes, the hero is that tough it's just you don't realize that because you don't know why it's tough. The gameplay is completely different which evades your eyes most of the time.


                                                      Your TI9 predict sucks