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    Appendix Vermiformis

      My favourite drafts are mostly :
      1 tank, 1 semi tank (utility) and 1 full carry.
      Or just pick zeus, riki and wk and auto win the shit out of everyone
      My favourtie strategy : try to hear any available fight. Also kill them while they're weak.


        axe, pit and any dps.
        ez win


          Abaddon or Wraith King +
          Drow Ranger (better) or Sniper +
          Troll Warlord (better) or Lina


            Nice article, but game mode itself isn't worth to tryhard so much. Rewards are meh and usually wins a team with Zeus/Tide/Cent/Axe etc. It's fun to play 2-3 times a week though for points.

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            pinoys are assholes

              Well? We all hated it. Check your polls if you have any

              MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                It's a kick in the pants and I guess it would be more enjoyable with a well rounded and coordinated team but honestly since you can't legitimately be expected to know what's around the next corner it doesn't feel nearly as rewarding. That's fine because it's still a kick in the pants.


                  Step 1: Pick Zeus
                  Step 2: Pick a tank (Axe, Underlord, Centaur, etc).
                  Step 3: ??? (Probably more wave clear to get through npc rooms faster)
                  Step 4: Victory.


                    Slardar + TA is my fav combo by far when I'm playing with my friend in Underhollow.Ta's High early game damage with wave clear and Slardar's tankiness and amp damage for the bosses and team fights + TA's Meld strike and reflaction destroys everything.

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                      was expecting's like a random arcade game....nothing fancy...all the other battlepass modes were far superior.


                        Dont buy battlepass. Dont buy anything and just play. They come out with all kinds of gimmicks as they are desperate for money.

                        Mr. Sandman

                          This mode wouldn't make it in the top 999 of Arcade for sure... u gotta wait for 23 other players to accept the thing, then pray so each of them will also connect in time, then half of them will dc anyway... for no real action, no story at all wahtsoever. Shame, all special modes before this were actually much much more enjoyable.


                            I agree with Sandman. The biggest problem with underhollow is that you have to queue at least 3 times before you get a match where everyone loads in. And then half the time you get DC’d right when everyone loads in to game after draft. Should have made the NPC rooms more difficult and just had 12 players. NPC rooms are ridiculously easy in all the rings.


                              wow, everyone's hating on UH. I connect and finish games 4/5 times i que and really enjoy it. these folks must've lost a lot of games to be this salty xD :under_king: