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    qop shiet hero for pubs

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        Agreed about 7.07 being mostly a continuation of 7.06, but you're downplaying the huge buff that Battlefury got. I think teams will catch on soon to the fact that Void, Jugg, and PA as battlefury-carrying safelaners is super strong right now. Morphling should be huge once he gets more figured out as a fighter rather than as a split pusher.


          Pa is an early-midgame fighter.. Getting a desolator is more important than a battlefury cause it enables her to fight early. When the opposition carry gets an mkb/silver edge she is pretty useless.


            OG is falling since ana left

            Forced Storm

              Team Kinguin may still not be as polished as others... I think they are Polished comletely, lul

              Potato PC

                Where's IO?

                Story Time

                  meta report = meta reported

                  Sharlie Cheen

                    Great thing about Kinguin is fact, that they are still playing together and still making progress. They were tier3 team, they are tier2 team and now they aren't just knocking to tier1 doors, they are breaking down these doors.


                      Can you post analysis about new medal system?

                      I mean, weekly courier since Na'Vi has won its first LAN since 2016.