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Normal guy

    Sven's mother is a Meranth, which makes Sven also part of the aquatic theme.


      вот бы тб тут был, так хочу что бы он снова был в мете

      be water my friend

        You forgot to mention Magnus


          Thoughts on Mag and MK? MK is tied with Medusa as the 4th most banned for WEU DPC T3 (29), which I imagine has a lot to do with strong match-ups against meta offlaners. Mag I've just increasingly seen throughout the DPC lately. I imagine AM's boosted bans (17 vs. 2 picks) are purely due to Medusa's popularity.


            Bloodseeker does feel pretty strong this patch.


              I think Magnus is exceptionally strong. Being Universal hero with a built-in base damage steroid and farming tool is very strong, but IMO he has two main problems:

              - He needs someone to play him well. He isn't as easy and as straightforward as Sven, because you can low-commit with the Stormhammer, you can't really do the same with RP

              - His DPS gets crushed by Nullifier, which is very popular right now. Same with Ursa and MK as well. Jingu, Overpower and Empower are all dispellable and that makes utilizing the main DPS tools of these heroes much harder in the late game.

              They are strong in lane, they can be very powerful throughout the game, but the counterplay against them is easy to get, easy to use and shuts them down a bit too hard

              sea = garbage

                I thought tb wud be part of the top carries of the patch too, his flash farming can match dusa and he play at a faster tempo since he can push towers relatively quickly with lvl 2 meta and illus compared to many other heroes.

                бетонный обвес

                  ТБ и так в мете, он сейчас очень хорош

                  El Dictador

                    As OFF, the Monkey is the hero that I am suffering the most like Axe, Bristle, Underlord, Abbadon etc. Although it is a natural counter, my Ban for the game always goes to Ursa, and at this moment I feel that the Monkey PUNISHES the Vanguard's Nerf very strongly and I swear it wasn't like that a month ago.

                    Clearly Vanguard was broken. You could hit low tower and play ridiculously aggressive against natural Counters. And today it is not possible. Carrying auras has also received Nerf. And what happens? They appear off that want to deal damage; And while that turn is taking place; Slark, Monkey, and Blood all benefit from being very aggressive in their lanes, echo and Diffusal can be buffed. Have fast BKB and scepter or exploit the game early.

                    And personally I am taking advantage of playing HC while this wheel spin is taking place and that the highly mobile OFFs such as Pango, NS return; Batrider, wind, etc.

                    @KawaiiSocks Right now I see Magnus as Mars last patch. It can potentially do a LOT, but only in good hands. Which means that low socks don't work

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                    u wot m8

                      ТБ крайне просто загнобить на лайне, но при этом он точно сильнее чем был весь прошлый год. Всё так же быстро фармит, всё так же хорошо пушит, и приходится покупать блинк потому что очень легко кайтить его. Не думаю что один из сильнейших, но B или А тир спокойно

                      aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                        @El Nonno, it is painful to read your comment :(

                        El Dictador

                          @Aikyu Bueno, puedo escribir en Español y ya no sera tan doloroso. Aguante Messi y el Blood!