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      Tinker is nerfed, look what they did to blink dagger, he cant refresh the cd anymore because the item gets muted for 3 seconds.

      5th or Feed.hiramarchibald

        Dota 2 is done. This is now Dota 3. Dota mechanics + LoL map design. 5 lanes and unlimited jungling. Not just a MOBA, but a MMOBA.


          As someone who dabbled in LoL for vanity's sake last summer — not even close. LoL is a glorified fighting game with little to no actual depth in its itemization, hero selection or strategic layer, with a strong emphasis on pure mechanical skill and moment-to-moment efficiency.

          Dota is very much a strategy game: with the bigger map and even more global mobility it is now further away from LoL than it ever was, which is a good thing in my opinion.

          Not hating on LoL, but Dota is still lightyears ahead in terms of depth and is getting further away with every patch.


            sad dota 2


              Invoker RIP

              писят два нгг

                I'm a main tinker, I was expecting a fix in this update and even looking for a new hero. When the update came out, I eagerly wanted to look at my tinker, as a result - he was buffed :/

                Dirty D Dirt

                  I for one am very excited to see what laning will be like now. More jungle farm so is the jungling position back? I play pos 4 so will that role change?

                  Hassam II

                    KawaiiSocks saying something positive about neutral items. Update successful.

                    Arc Warden is pure trash

                      Now Invo has no damage in late game at all. If y can't win for 30 min, you're useless

                      Brünk Hüll

                        I feel like there are just FAR too many things clumped in the corners of the map now. Any one idea here sounds great on its own, but as of right now I'm questioning whether the game actually gains any depth from the complexity, or worse, if it's losing focus. It could be that moving a few things would change that attitude, and potentially removing some old ideas from the game to accommodate. Removing a lot of trees would also help; man, are there just too many juking spots right now.

                        ВОЛГА НА V8



                            this patch is so bad, i think is dead of dota 2


                              why you have to copy Legue so much....Vlave is like Netflix in series shows...


                                Just too much in one patch. DOTA2 already had a fcking vertical learning curve now it just went concave. I'd be interested to see it's player numbers change over the next few weeks

                                Final Boss

                                  People over here crying for invoker having "no damage in late game at all" must've really enjoyed being able to quite literally destroy hard carries with just a refresher and a hex outside of the bkb, blink and boots of travel invoker tends to get. How was that balanced? He could eat through over 6000 hp with hardly any effort, making playing as carry utterly pointless so long as he could get the jump on you. Linken's wasn't a good enough way to protect yourself against that. He has cold snap for that. Linken's and bkb? Means nothing, he moves faster than you with ghost walk and he has his own bkb. Not to mention so many different ways of disabling anyone trying to get on top of him so long as their bkb has run out. Why should a hero like that be able to kill the hero that is meant to shine late game when invoker already does well in lane and can do so much else throughout the rest of the game? He can burn through your mana while replenishing his, he can disarm you forever in an aoe as well as push you back, he can purge off buffs from you and set up combos with his tornado, he can stunlock you if you have no way of removing his cold snap, he can cut through your armor with his creeps that he can also use to safely push and farm, he has alacrity to make himself or someone on his team a lot stronger, he has ice wall to pretty much keep you in place or keep you from following him if he wants to run away, he has ghost walk that allows him to run away from you if things aren't going his way, sunstrike grants him a pure damage global nuke, cataclysm is a huge aoe nuke that almost always guarantees a kill especially with a refresher if he has even one good aoe disable on his team that lands and on top of all that, you still want to be able to solo kill the one core that's supposed to be the enemy team's late game investment? What was the point of that carry and his team's efforts then? They're doing all that just so you can crush their carry like an insect because your hero is clearly broken and act like you're better than everyone cause of it? Fuck that. Good riddance for that ridiculous talent finally being removed. It was the best thing that happened this patch, by far. He still has all the things I mentioned already going for him late game. Yet whiny bitches will cry over one actually needed nerf like it's the end of the world.

                                  Charlie Adelson

                                    New Medusa cant toggle mana shield wtf - i feel raped

                                    yuhiz / Neoxa
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                                        Problem is that dota 2 devs think adding more bullshit mechanics to the game will bring more players while they don't have any fucking clue what are they doing this is what hepppens when you do entire your balance of the game according to the 1% .dota devs are the most psychopathic ghouls in the universe .more mechanics deosn't mean more depth mr all in knowledge(op)sometimes problem lie somewhere else.Glad I quited this shit-hole game for 8 months.absoulte trash retarded community +trash psychopathic devs lol,Good luck bringing new players.


                                          Bye bye Agility Vengeful Spirit, we had great fun building right-click and a Butterfly on hers for sure. But even the Sun would someday cease to shine

                                          Aphex Twin

                                            Its really sad what they did to this game, again! Talking about re-calculating? I just lost 1000 mmr because I lost 2 games since I got two psychopaths on my team. Thank you once again for ruining!


                                              I am winning mostly, so the patch is good. 10/10


                                                I dont get this recalibration at all.
                                                Lost 2 games, stayed literally the same mmr. What was the point? What this "Rank confidence" means?

                                                seu joão

                                                  Clinks was nerfed wtf unpickable hero volvio... 10 mins to buy aganin frag...
                                                  That pinch skill so low animation bad pach volvio


                                                    Folks moaning about heroes. It is the map they need to learn.

                                                    The game is now more complex.

                                                    If folks ain’t happy there is LOL nursery for the little ones to play in.

                                                    AggreSive Clown

                                                      If someone lost 1000 mmr through calibration means that he didnt deserve previous rank. Rank Confidence highly depends on ur performance besides Win or Lose. Made a 1-3 W/L spree to 4 calibration games and still got 450 mmr boost. Thats why my performance was clearly better than the average players in this game. prince.MileHigh crying about 1000mr loss with 2 loses is because in his last 6 games he had 4 loses with 1-12 / 1-10 / 1-12 KD ratio. seems legit to lose even more mmr.


                                                        Just pick wr and you will win like 80% of matches.


                                                          As an Earth spirit player all changes feel like all buffs to this hero even map size, before of his high mobility it felt kinda small, i thought this hero will get a bigger boost to winrate.

                                                          To the guy with post wall.
                                                          With all that what you said Invoker still had less than 50% winrate. BKB hard countered hero him and he would never kill any carry, glimmer or force staff and utter invested combo fails with long ass cds.


                                                            @Aggresive Clown I lost 700 mmr through this new calibration system and every game I lost I overperformed. I doubt it changed anything meaningful. Rank confidence can easily be changed to rank decay.


                                                              I hate it, absolutely hate it. Hate the map, it's too fussy, there's too much to ward. and honestly, playing as a support is an absolute chore now. 30 mins into the game and you're 5 levels behind because there's no tomes and wisdom runes aren't available to hard support. It's a terrible patch for hard support. And with all our disables now shorter a lot of our combos don't work. cm ult isn't much use if frostbite doesn't hold people in it. Just really hating this new patch.

                                                              Raging tomato

                                                                15 games calibration from legend 3 to ancient 4 76% guessing even the system don't know what bracket to put me

                                                                Final Boss

                                                                  @Rokt Leeg Enjoyer His winrate has nothing to do with anything. The fact is winrates for heroes that are clearly broken in the right hands don't mean squat and invoker was just that. Broken. Sure, you can argue that a carry can be saved with certain items but why does your carry need a support to survive against an invoker come late game? Late game is supposed to be the carry's time to shine. What has he been farming for all game and what was the point of the other hero being in the game to begin with, especially as the late game investment, if invoker can just come in and 1v1 him like it's no problem? Your solution to invoker is bkb. My argument against that is invoker can simply run away from you or if you have no linken's on you, he can blink on you, hex you and kill you before you have a chance to do anything. If you have a linken's, he can just wait for it or pop it with his cold snap and at that point, the fight is really about who reacts faster in that instance. Either he hexes you first or you bkb first and that determines how the fight plays out but despite all of that, he can still run away from you because he'll generally be faster than you and still have the potential of outlasting your bkb. Od and invoker both prior to this new patch were extremely broken as they were strong throughout the game; they were both good laners, had a lot of potential in mid game and didn't tend to fall off come late game either. If anything, od could literally solo kill entire teams on his own if he was allowed to gather enough mana with his astral imprisonment and invoker could pick off anyone he wanted from the map while providing tons of control in a teamfight and being able to escape should you go on him. One of these things had to go and they made the right choice in my opinion. There was nothing the hero wasn't good at and at least now, he can't solo kill your carry as easily unless your carry is simply garbage.


                                                                    What an absolute garbage this is. It is like it is made by those, who as kids were getting participation trophies for anything they done. This is such a drastic change. No change was this extreme before. Simple is better. And what were they thinking while making already alright or mostly strong heroes even more op, like Riki and PL when simultaneously making average hero with great potential (like primal beast) absolute weak garbage? This is a league of legends path, doing everything the normie way instead of keeping those crazy mechanics and make all heroes overpowered. That used to be great.

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                                                                      Capivara legal ☺

                                                                        It doesn't matter if we want or not, dota changes. Invoker was op, sorry invo lovers.
                                                                        I kinda like this patch, but i feel they add too many things.
                                                                        And maybe you should not play ranked as soon as the new patch comes.