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    Cool article.
    I think topson went for a mega speedy build with yasha kaya bots but maybe he was just memeing.


      yasha kaya solves 2 issues...

      1) movement speed
      2) mana issues


        is it only me or we all spend half of the day playin dota and the other half around Dotabuff? lol


          Is this really the best sort of article your team can put forward?

          There's no effort, research, or even a decent analysis in nearly every recent article. Feels like reading an ill-informed opinion piece.

          Has Sabina just left Dotabuff to rot? Most of you aren't paid to do what you do since she's a vixen that's also making people pay 60$ a year for a service that websites like opendota/stratz include for free.


            I think most pple dont use 2nd skill to last hit now due to its high mana cost. 1 point in skill 1 and 1 point in skill 3 shld be sufficient to last hit the ranged creep. The problem is when people do not leave one point in skill 1 or 2 by level 4. If you want to max skill 2 first, then u have to rely on items and normal atk to last hit. So all who play Zeus have a choice of going either 1, 3, 2, 2 by level 4 (max 2nd skill), or 1, 3, 2, 1 (max 1st skill).

            After that the question you need to ask yourself is whether u want mana efficiency or more damage over time. If you want both then you level both skill evenly (3 points in skill 1 and 2).


              So there are 3 paths a Zeus can take after level 4, 1) max 1st skill 2) max 2nd skill 3) evenly distribute both 1st and 2nd skill. I am not experienced enough to tell you how to decide them should u play Zeus, but make sure you have all your calculations beforehand.


                nice article man keep it up!

                INDI .. 6

                  I go maxing out 2 and 3 harassing enemy with my nukes and simply right clicking the creeps for last hits ( two null talismans at lvl 3 gives you 70+ damage ) which is more than most of the other mid laners. Bolting them on their full health forces them to buy regens wasting their gold.

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