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      lets ignore the aghs that puts the 800 damage bkb piercing spell with an 80% movement slow on a 10 second cooldown

      Away man

        et core?


          Doesn't Gyro's make the cut? Surely thats better for DPS than say DKs aghs




              DPS Scepters...DK? Ember?

              How does dazzle's aghs not make this list? Attacks ALL targets (bye bye Tombstone) and refreshes poison touch on them at the cast of every spell under a 10 second cd. Easily the most underrated aghs in the game on a mid Dazzle.


                I agree, I think the et aghs is more of a utility item and still vastly under valued.


                  So, Zeus was mentioned twice in the different blogs, and Gyro or Slark didn't even mentioned? Also, ET case is only when you are playing any Meepo game, but that's only for an utility core case.

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                    Simps Al Dente

                      This is just a summary of aghs effects this Is not a dps list...


                        Cause jug wasn't annoying enough to deal with.

                        RosHan Solo

                          It makes me sad when i don't see Superman-Punch Sven on this list.

                          More importantly for DPS Core: Wraith King 7s of extra damage for friends and family (as assuming your within 1200 radius of the WraithTrain).

                          ReDowned7 <3

                            Pugna? insane ultimate no cooldown ...


                              Your TI9 predict sucks

                              shas'o vior'la

                                wtf about clinkz ags? if you engage the fight with your skeleton walk ready to be launched again you basicly create a skeleton army before even droping the real one. even if you get one shooted right after you will probably either force a disengage and/or kill support


                                  Superman sven and PA agh should be on the list, U got one extra attack from aghs sven and Refreshing skills on PA for every kill is so under rated

                                  Madara (All muted)

                                    Monkey king?




                                        Mk agha is insane