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    first again?!


      Second Mother father!




          wow amazing

          why is gamora?

            5th boizz


              6st !!!!!!!!!!


                Faceless is no mystery. Can stand his own relatively well from beginning, and has high team fight presence in pro meta early on.
                No matter the position, he snuggly fits into current meta.

                Bobby Corwen

                  Hey Josh you remember that one time you fell into Nolan's wall and put a giant whole in it, which you then had to pay for. good times.

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                    ahhhhh my first is taken.....

                    Ice my frog

                      But my last is not......


                        What can they do to make Rubick better?

                        He's such a fun hero, yet he is such a pushover - hardly any armor, low HP, low movement speed, and sure his ultimate is amazing, but it's not worth all of his negatives I feel?


                          Eh Rubick Rubick, such a shame. He is Invoker and Meepo among supports, yet he's so weak.


                            I support Na'Vi, but it must be said that they account for quite a few of those Troll games, Pajkatt getting it for himself multiple times, and seeing they went 0-8... you know. So I don't think Troll is overvalued, he was just being played by weaker teams. He's no longer the 6.85 instapick/instaban he was, people need to recognize that.



                              Telo Bot

                                whenever a support have a good tournament, they'll get nerf and nerf.

                                Krul Tepes

                                  last one

                                  Boundless Strike in Gaben...

                                    bring meepo into the meta pls


                                      Rubick needs a little buff in telequinesis cd, he cant compete against supports with half the cd on their disable. Also cm needed to be nerfed on the aura not every other aspect... Seriously I spammed her yesterday and i wanted to kill myself, you still win cuz of aura but early game you feel like a dumb turtle

                                      MY WORLD



                                          Melee, Carry, Disabler, Durable, Initiator, Nuker