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    Good riddance on Huskar - one of my most hated heroes.


      Huskar is a dead hero. Nobody is picking it, and it should stay that way. Your old shard was basically removed without a new one being added, BKB nerfs hit him harder than most other heroes, and the aforementioned change to his ult makes him much weaker before he has BKB. He also isn't a fan of rampant Pavises and Solar Crests, and rosh is much hard to solo with just an armlet being so close to the side lanes where more heroes are present. And as for the heroes you dominate in lane? They don't mind playing jungle until they're called into action to play the map in a way Huskar can't. Losing your mid tower isn't as detrimental as it used to be neither. Beyond early game, securing an early t2 with first aegis hardly matters now that outposts don't give xp. There's almost no reason to be picking this hero right now.


        I wish what you said was true, but Huskar is becoming more and more of an issue in higher level pubs. Still, I'd rather play against Huskar than Tinker/Arc/Brood/Meepo)

        Anal Enjoyer

          Arc is so annoying. he's the one I hate playing against. and there is not much counter tactic to do against him

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            I'm personally keeping more of an eye on Timbersaw and Bat; even on mid, people are starting to indulge the vanguard-arcanes into octarine meta. Timbersaw is also a much less situational hero now that his whirling death cripples the damage of rampant universal heroes, while also removing some of their raw HP similar to strength heroes. Both of these heroes are being picked significantly more than most of the heroes on this list in high-level pubs, and their win rates are strong to go with it.

            all mute, stfu pls

              feels good not getting cheesed last picked by a huskar anymore. Nows its just batrider LUL.


                husk is still good, still winning games with him, but i hate tinker in general and arc warden. I don't like heroes that do the whole 'hit and run' style of play because it feels really unfun chasing someone the whole game. I like dota where you're fighting all the time, so I love to play huskar because he's always getting into it and getting things started early versus turtle farm fest.

                Also agree w/ the comment above on timber. Really good right now because universal are so meta.

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                  а как же некрофос ? лично я выигрываю мид в 7 из 10 игор на нем, сложно контрить , а если вовремя собрать нужные предметы, то вообще не остановить.

                  what about necrophos? personally, I win mid in 7 out of 10 games on it, it’s hard to counter, and if you collect the right items in time, you can’t stop at all.


                    Well my friend whos main Huskar, he said.
                    Huskar is good actually. But the rework on new mechanic as debuff imunity and spell imunity make he not good as used to be. So basically so far so good but not that good enough.