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Brünk Hüll

    I mean....remove neutral items? I'll keep banging that drum.

    I'd honestly also drop shards. They're just not interesting to me. Either the hero buys the shard every game as soon as it's available or it's never purchased because it's not useful EVER. That's an unfair blanket statement, of course, but it's true more times than I care to have in the game.

    I'd like to see more variability in hero positions. Been too long since we had mid naga, support gyro, carry VS, offlane Weaver.

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        yep, everything can be good additions except for the AOE spell increase which will be really problematic balance-wise. There's a reason why certain spells can only be augmented with a fixed ranged thru talents. It will really be a long long list if we go through each one.


          If they remove neutral items and remove the outposts it will do a lot to make balancing easier. The outposts are there in theory to make snowball line ups weaker but in practice it just makes Rosh more dire favoured. I'd also like to see BKB degrade more once again; doing that would reduce the prevalence of early BKBs as you'd be punished more for picking them up earlier.


            I'd like to see Buyback be more punishing again. The old mechanic of reducing income after buyback made it feel like a real last resort, now it feels like everyone buys back if theres a vaguely important fight. Another suggestion would be to increase the cooldown to more like 10 minutes.

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              Techies remote mines as shard would be cool.

              Tinker should have his march of the machines back.


                Im a fan of unbalanced maps, so Im not really in favor of mirroing a second objective pit and in my opinion, allowing Dire to have an advantage over rosh after years of Radiant better winrate isnt necessaeily bad.

                About Roshan, I think Aghs Blessing should be removed as a potential pickup or be a one time only. At the highest level of play, teams are routinely playing game where they decide a 15k networth advantage isnt enough and decide to get as many Roshs as possible to increase that advantage even further. The intended idea was to shorten games but teams can play safer by dragging game.

                I agree with other wishlist.

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                Al Goyim

                  the same wish we all had years ago : remove neutral items


                    Neutral items will never be removed, and there is no reason to remove them. They, just like runes, add that additional balance modifiers that can help or prevent some heroes to shine.

                    I always thought that *Radiant* has more winrate historically than Dire. I have like 5%+ more on Radiant. But I haven't check pro-scene in that regard.

                    New buildings and map changes would be definitely welcome. I miss jungle roles and the fact that you can't jungle from lvl 1 doesn't help anyone or make game more fun. It's often that offlane/offlane support goes roaming/jungle anyway after lost lane, weaker jungle could help with more strategies and more possibilities to comeback if lane is lost hard.


                      > I always thought that *Radiant* has more winrate historically than Dire. I have like 5%+ more on Radiant. But I haven't check pro-scene in that regard.

                      (Does markdown not work on this site?)

                      Dire has an egregiously better winrate than Radiant in the pro scene, something like 59% winrate on Dire. Randomly being on Dire should not increase the chances of winning that dramatically, it’s ridiculous.

                      One thing that the article author didn’t mention is the quality of the jungle. Radiant jungle camps are much farther apart that the Dire jungle camps, meaning that it’s much harder for supports to double or triple stack on Radiant, and it’s also slightly faster to farm in Dire jungle.

                      There’s also something to be said about much more trees in the Radiant jungle than Dire jungle. Supports should not have to spend their time cutting down groves of trees so their PA can have a sight line to blink to the next camp, rather than walking.

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                        better fix matchmaking and ban all RUS!


                          Bkb needs to be nerfed. Either by giving it shorter duration (like 5 seconds no matter how many times you used it already) or by adding more bkb-piercing skills both in terms of control and damage. It already is trash-tier in terms of stats but in every game 7 out of 10 people eventually buy it which just makes games boring, predictable and long because everyone has to farm their bkbs before moving on to real items and no one can kill each other because if you give your opponent even the slightest window he'll press his bkb and run away. Games need to be more chaotic, fights need to be more decisive and deadly.