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    O pudge peidão

      Fora Bolsonaro


        I don't play tinker at all, would he still be playable if rearm put blink on a 1 or 2 second cd? The fact that he can blink out of a lot of spells that usually cancel blink is probably the most broken aspect of the hero imo


          YO dont touch the tinker like that. At least it can touch a meta for a while, even thog it just situational pick in pro game.

          Fuck Uncle Kyle

            they should release at least 5 heroes before they start working on new items... the game is severely lacking of newer heroes


              Items like Mekansm and Greaves are really in need of buff. They offer too little heal for too high a price. Maybe removing the mana cost of mek heal would also be good. The mana cost is simply too high for most initiators to afford and most supports offer much more efficient healing skills, making fighting supports buying mek look stupid. Initiators would rather buy a pipe while people would rather pick support with healing or else go with aggressive items that gives them other forms of saves and utility.

              Gurin Jeimuzu

                What needs to change is how tinker can dive and jump into dangerous areas unpunished because of refreshing his blink.

                Allow refreshing his blink but enforce the 3 sec cd from taking damage. It’s a bit ridiculous that you can literally be hitting him and he’ll blink out like nothing happened


                  i agree with the 3sec CD blink. He already has the shield which helps prevent the blink from getting on CD.


                    buff spec


                      I think an item that rivals BKB would be a great addition. It is one of the most prevalent items in the game, and is often not a very interesting item choice.

                      Dr Bee, BZZ

                        @Vought you mean like an item that allows all your spells to pierce spell immunity? That would be spicy, but would have to be prohibitively expensive.

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