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    И как эта статья должна мне помочь апнуть рейтинг когда моя (условный) акс не может бонально с инициировать?

    Topalov Vlad

      Если вы хорошо играете не-метовым персонажем, объясняйте своим союзникам что и как Вы собираетесь делать.


        TL;DR: get good


          I watch a lot of gameleap and dota alchemy, thats really all you need i think. also, git gud


            How to increase mmr: GIT GUD


              Ору, наконец-то поднимусь со своих 2к!

              sys msg: callibrating to ...

                ty for the tips sir


                  Никогда не потел в ммр, так чисто по фану с друзьями с 50% побед, решил попробовать подняться, за две недели апнул 800 ммр с 3к


                    Какой пункт в этой статье может помочь побеждать в играх, где "союзнички" бегают со счётом 1-15 уже на 10 минуте (включая мидера), а коры противника с тотальным экономическим преимуществом? Все эти статьи полная лажа. А реальность проста: можно играть ногами и стабильно расти в рейтинге, если ты не в "черном списке". Если же ты проклят системой, то ты будешь каждый матч играть с четырьмя инвалидами и даже показывая высочайшее мастерство - проигрывать и скатываться в низ рейтинга.


                      Why watch demo, just play more kappa


                        И пишет это властелин 4, понимаю


                          "When I watched pro carrys, they would farm the jungle every chance they got. I started farming the jungle as much as I could when I played carry and my GPM improved." doesnt seem to be good advice


                            It does not matter, i can play (based on dotabuff grades) A+, but when 3 of 5 teammates are completely dumb in decisions in teamfights/building items/choosing hero-lane....then you will always loose and MMR will go down. The entire system of getting/not loosing MMR will be better, if it was based on how good was your performance during match. As it is already showed in Dota with green/red arrows on overview of your last played matches. For example, if your performance was really good, but your team lost, you should not loose your MMR points or get only a small amount (+5 or so). But this system as it is now, is really cruel in rank crusader, where are a lot of people with weird point of view on ranked games.


                              A+ and you have 5 teammates. K

                              I Report Feeders and Non-...

                                i watch all of them my random team mates dont kappaaaaaaa


                                  GIT GUD.


                                    "A great thing about Dota is you can see exactly how a player like Liquid.Miracle-Liquid.Miracle- or BananaSlamJammaBananaSlamJamma plays the game."

                                    Comparable talents

                                    DOTA 2

                                      how many match to calebrate divine ? or how many wins ?


                                        @DOTA 2

                                        I was 4600 mmr when I got to divine 1.


                                          были и будут в этой игре членоsoсы,которые руинять игры. статься говно!!

                                          хохлы дом сожгли

                                            Article: focus on yourself and try to improve

                                            Comments: BuT mUh TeAm

                                            DOTA 2

                                              Хорошая статья, после прочтения апнулся с легенды 4 до божества 3.

                                              BOBO WORLD

                                                I will find you and kill you

                                                Piops"Miss Klick"

                                                  Учу апать на миране 5 ке,счёт 35 побед 5 поражений Viber +375333326937


                                                    Como sacar mas mmr en cuenta nueva?


                                                      I watched a pro play carry safe lane pudge. Then I copied it. Guess what, I'm spending my time finishing my 2 low prio games. 😁


                                                        I'll try that method, but i really don't think that it works

                                                        Dance Floor

                                                          I disagree with carries farming the jungle part. Cores should ONLY farm jungle when there is nothing better to do. CCNC said it best, you will improve in dota best by never jungling. Pushing lanes is most important in dota. You mightve meant it differently but some people might take this literally. Golden rule is: jungling is LAST resort. If I'm to give a how to gain mmr tip, it is to push lanes or help your cores push lanes (if you are support by warding and being ready to save, etc.) wherever and whenever possible. Stop promoting jungling because its "safer". Thanks.

                                                          When's My Lucky Q?

                                                            win the game before 25 mins mark

                                                            ur parents r siblings

                                                              G I T




                                                                farm in jungle when ur support is gone and the enemies are farming near their towers

                                                                aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                                                  I second @Inner King's comment. Constantly pushing the lane without dying, back to jungle after pushing the lane should be the top priority when play carry heroes.


                                                                    Это все замечательно, эти те вещи, которые понимает почти каждый, но, зачастую, игры сливаются из-за недопонимания в тиме или фида кем-то


                                                                      This article has many fundamental flaws, although it's good advice to be aware of what heroes have good win rates in your bracket... a lot of those heroes aren't even that good. It's just the valve matchmaking system promotes shitty players to reach 50% win rate, thats a fact... that's just how the game works with a free to play model. They can't have a real fair system, they have to try make everyone 50% to retain customers. That's dota 101 in a nutshell.

                                                                      So in other words my advice is play heroes you are good at. That also hopefully are not shitty heroes. I mean I think I'm a great Ember player but my win rate with that hero is garbage because the valve hidden mmr system judged my performance based on like OP heroes. So it's like oh you get a rampage every other time you play PA? well your hidden MMR is really high now so if u play hero like ember thats not OP ur gonna get destroyed most the time.

                                                                      I hate valve and their god complex of manipulating game results for free to play model. True story though, good luck everyone in your games, im not a hater I just understand stuff and it hurts.


                                                                        Your point #2 I agree abaddon pos 3 is completely broken OP. I have so many games with that hero pos 3 where im just like 16 min quelling blade, stout shield, wand, phase boots, radiance... games over already tbh. Hero is broken just most Abaddon players can't lane for shit, thats only reason why its not just spammed for free MMR.

                                                                        I only have 5 losses with that hero and 3 them were sub 30 minutes, literally not even my fault. Long story short you play this hero correctly you win... I'm 74% with that son of a bitch atm.


                                                                        Even with 74% win rate my best Aba game i think is on my alt account that i play only when im drunk or hung over. My morph literally rage quit and sold his items this game... And I was like dude don't worry ez win. Link insane items insane timing... ez win etc:


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                                                                          My final thought about how to play support, I think you are 100% correct for pro games or immortals maybe. But for pubs... i 100% disagree with what you are saying. Playing too passive on support your cores are gonna die instead of you.

                                                                          I think the best way to win in pubs as a support is play a hero that can do a lot of damage, hit stuns or disables, is a high threat etc, the enemy wants to prioritize you etc. And communicate ok guys im going in. You initiate as support, and your cores follow up. Even if you die chances are enemy blew so many spells on you cause they are noob pub players... your team should win the fight.

                                                                          I think its much better to have support initiate in pubs, dont play for KDA if ur an average mmr support player thats terrible advice imo.

                                                                          Good example of this playstyle is my recent Windranger support ranked games I had a stretch of ranked Windranger support games with 17-3 record. Then they combine team and solo mmr (i always played solo ranked) and I lost a game or 2 and quit ranked (still waiting hopefully they fix it)


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                                                                          perdi mis 10 calibradas

                                                                            Bsj lmao, I rather die.

                                                                            Marshall does Mather?

                                                                              Who cares mmr lmao

                                                                              Axe is a PIG!

                                                                                Look me in the eye. Thank you for the great advice as a legend 1 core player i appreciate this much
                                                                                Offcourse i love juggernut but jugg dont love me😭😭


                                                                                  32 поражения подряд, я думаю что и сам денди бы не вытащил такие игры с ам 0-15, и мидерами 0,20

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