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Flying Fish

    How can you do a writeup like this and not mention the power of holy persuasion recall? This makes Chen god-tier for deathball lineups and being able to fight, buy someone back, and give them free tp boots is insanely powerful. Try it out with a Huskar lineup.

    ♏ikeeCS ツ

      Still, hard hero, at least for me lol


        I don’t like this change to Chen. His third skill is largely RNG, if you manage to find harpy or ghost then you can dominate your lane early on. If it’s kobold or gnoll then congrats you’ll be useless for another 2 mins


          @Flying Fish with your logic KotL is a better user for recall as he has huge lane clear. Chen’s clearance rely on shockwave which makes him unreliable.

          Flying Fish

            @bohringame except they took it away from KotL. Chen is the only hero with this ability. It's incredibly powerful to be able to summon the other support, get a kill in a sidelane, then have them tp back with nothing lost. Having access to this in the laning phase is very strong with good communication.

            Micko Black la légende du...

              Gaben add courrier stealing for report motive plz.

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              Yami Yugi

                A hero only viable if party, using him in pub will give you a bad time, most of the time

                ЈЕБЕНА ЖИВОТИЊА

                  What Espada said, his penance has some fun meme interactions with Deathward from WD, Shadow Shaman ultimate Venomancer snakes and Clinkz new Ultimate, it gives them all a free moonshard making party stack pub games very fun! In pubs he is godly support for Huskar it gives him crazy regen damage and attack speed.

                  Chen only problem that will keep him out of the meta is that he lacks a hard disable to be a reliable pos 4/5 in this meta playing supports without hard disable is very useless since you really need to kill stuff in lane because of exp rework, getting early-mid game kills is very viable now.

                  Chen cant reliably secure a kill and doesnt have a nuke, so Shadow Shaman, Skywrath Pugna Venge Ogre Silencer Dazzle, Lion are better pos 4 than him, Chen cant effectively babysit a carry as a pos 5 so those things will keep him out of this meta unfortunately, to wait until he is lvl 4 and can take a good creep is a giant waste of time.

                  TLDR: Chen reworks are nice and all but he is very niche pick and doesnt fit in current meta.

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                    @Espada using chen in pubs can be viable, you just need good teammates and nice heroes in order for him to work. and in the noob pubs, the chen players mostly suck on the hero.


                      I dunno, since nerf to sending back I dont find this hero interesting anymore. He is still a good lane dominator and best healer. But I find Treant Protector and Sky much better as pos 4 now.

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                      the lawn

                        I've been playing him a bit again after the nerfs knocked him down in 7.18. The Divine Favor ability is very strong on Luna, PA, or Meta Terrorblade. If you divine favor + mekanism + Hand of god it is a ton of heal to a hero that's about to die and can turn team fights.


                          we need snith


                            Snith basically said the hero got dumbed down and is more of a lane support than ganker. Also he's a better 5 tbh.


                              I dislike the change very much. Skilled players knew how to play this hero and liked relying on creeps to win the game not the other abilities, at least not that much. The days with sick early bodyblocks is over. They made Chen for noobs. This is not what i expected and even i dont want to play him anymore. Not much,at least.

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                              Good news everyone, I

                                I hate 7.20 Chen. He used to be my favorite hero thematically, now he's watered down and boring. I played Chen to collect sick creep armies in the laning stage, not to be a buff/debuff bot.


                                  @raskasbw feel u bro ! hes so fukin lame now

                                  Gopha Kagote

                                    Chen's strength is now in penitence. At level 1 a Chen / Abbadon combo can just run enemies down, silence and slow them, and hit them for absurd dps.

                                    A value point in persuasion in time for the catapult stops push. And you just buff your carry to constantly kill.

                                    Other fucking broken heroes for penitence: Ursa. Troll. Huskar. Clinkz. But maybe the best is Abbadon.

                                    Start with blight stone and build it into solar crest to keep your carry dominant, then vlads or locket.

                                    Once you win a team fight recall your catapults you stored in fountain and push for rax before 15 mins.

                                    Also, why is no one taking veno mid when on radiant? He can drop an obs ward for vision and farm the camp just below the lane while getting lane XP and gold and still getting in last hits, the camp is free. Once the 1st ward expires if he wants to stay in lane he can do it to the ancient camp above lane too.

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                                    Black Square

                                      A short guide for 7.20 Chen:

                                      2 heroes Chen incredibly stacks with:
                                      Phantom Assasin and Troll Warlord.
                                      Both have some Attack Speed from abilities. Both have high physical damage potential. Both miss heal and some disable/slow.

                                      Just dominate the Satyr Banisher with it's Purge, and come to gang lane. 3 sec cooldown on Purge and a low of Physical DPS helps to kill anyone without a blink. Invisibility is easily countered by dust.
                                      If there's no banisher, take any creep with slow/stun. Even Tornado creep if you take level 2 persuation.

                                      At level 6-9 these combinations can easily push with maxed Divine Favor, actually it doubles DPS of Troll or PA.

                                      As from new items - both Locket and new solar crest is great for him.
                                      Generally I think new Chen is all about collaboration with Phys DPS-er. Even 2 such heroes can incredibly dominate lane and make great impact and snowball.

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                                        I dont know how you play chen but i play him uping 3 ability on 5ft min mark' then take the catapult, let it go to the base and then you can summon catapults when you need to push

                                        black november

                                          New Chen is very nice but a bit lackluster. Spells are too reliable on teammates.


                                            You can still play him as a ganking 4 but it requires team coordination instead of using creeps to do it. Smoking to the mid-lane and using persuasion to pull one of your teammates in for a 3v1 gank can secure midlane really hard for your team.


                                              Chen's boring now and my 1.6k games of chen is done

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                                                anime gangrave


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