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                420th is too short


                  I really hope we get away from this Bracer-Wraith-Null meta soon, its boring seeing every hero go stat items at the beginning of the game. It remember there was a patch before 7.00 when a lot of cores would level stats over their normal skills because it was more efficient; that was also removed because its boring af

                  Edit: I've just seen the patch notes and am now very happy :D

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                  phD in Dota Sc.

                    karl 7.20


                      Дазл надежен в про руке

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                        Ну такое


                          *as well as being a great hero to counter her as well*

                          Otherwise, great article, keep it up :)

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                            Haha we had nothing forever and then suddenly ABCDE PATCH BOYYYYYYYYYYY


                              I’m not a fan of stacking the stat items. Like Peelioka said, they removed being able to level stats for a reason. Though I previously suggested that they re-add leveling stats in a reduced form(+1 only instead of the +2 from before) just so that leveling up between 19-25 doesn’t feel empty

                              MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                Removing stat strats messed with a lot of heroes, the one that comes to mind immediately for me is Drow. Frost arrows is...fine...but getting nothing but stats, a point in silence, and aura was my bread and butter for winning games during my baby dota days. That and infuriating offlaners with kotl blast. I really would love to see it come back, it adds depth without ambiguity as I feel the talents somewhat do.

                                Whiskey Jack
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                                  No Mercy, No Forgiveness

                                    Rubick, od, dazzle but not medusa :)


                                      Ищу 4к+ бога,отсосу за ммр,мур

                                      El show de Matute....

                                        Everyone can go mid except Peruvian people