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Dick Gordon
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    Dick Gordon


      Аомине Давалкин

        Silencer + wk =imba

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          mode: Cr1t-

            Nice jebait with the trove chest picture


              yes, tell that to mr PKotato


                Please do not encourage silencer support pickers


                  я профессиональный салансер


                    Silencer is not a support

                    Kotato, 64 yo

                      tribo :D seee!!!


                        Silencer is not a support everything i say is true Kappa

                        Nemesis 041

                          Hey, you're totally forgetting about the intelligence steal. The fact that it's permanent throughout the entire game is how Silencer can be played a core. He snowballs kind of like Legion Commander in this way, just not nearly as fast. And if enemies is dying near him too much, then they're definitely gonna notice the lack of mana, especially ones with lower intelligence gains, and then they'll need to build items to help make it back up.

                          Antonio Anton

                            silencer is my most played hero in dota

                            Brünk Hüll

                              @Nemesis 041

                              The hero should still be played as a support though, with the option to transition into a core later in the game. Fortunately the items that make him better as a core are the items that make him good as a support. You're buying int items as a support (force staff, euls, etc) that boost glaives, but you're just not going to be doing as much damage as a true carry with comparable farm at any point in the game.

                              Every once in a while I see someone try to mid (or heaven forbid carry) with silencer and the problem with starting out as a core is the fact that you need to be getting kills to boost that int steal. In the early game Silencer + support don't do enough damage to easily net a kill like you can with, say, drow or ursa. If you can't get the kills, you aren't snowballing on the int. Whereas having him as the support you have greater chance of getting the kills and netting the int, riding into a semicore. Knowing this, it's not surprising that Alliance used to run Spec and Silencer together, as you go from good harass and better farm for spec in early game into heavy core and semicore in the late game.


                              This is easily one of the best articles written in a long while. It's acutely detailed and gives a fantastic description as to what the goals of the hero are. I'd love to see these articles also include what kinds of lineups and endgame strategies benefit from the highlighted hero, but the inclusion of details like Silencer doing well against mobile heroes (personally hate going up against silencer when I play weaver), glaives not drawing aggro, and the distinction between a paused spell and a sustained spell are the things that will open minds wide.

                              Old School Combat

                                Да, именно на 4ке он лучше всего, герой класс!


                                  +1 @Lowlander for everything said. Really great breakdown of abilities in a way that’s helpful for people who never play silencer and people who do.

                                  I’d love to see an article in the future discussing an in-depth look at countering a character style, much like how you talk about silencer being good against heros that dislike building dispel items. Potentially something about countering high movespeed team comps, pure damage, sustain, lane dominaters, etc.

                                  Thanks for all the awesome work guys, dotabuff is an incredible resource and makes dota even doper than it already is


                                    I won silencer supp 14 winstreak last week. Better not core role to this hero. GLHF 😎

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                                          @MM.Airsick Lowlander @KawaiiSocks
                                          is there any other spell that can be paused?
                                          I never knew about it before reading this article.
                                          where can I learn more about this?

                                          Brünk Hüll

                                            @GL, HF

                                            Best resource is the Dota2 Wiki from Gamepedia in my opinion.

                                            As far as I know there is no other spell that pauses damage. It's not an officially recognized or labeled mechanic, but there are other spells that can 'pause'. Most notable are Geomagnetic Grip which will reset (I think) if the target is near a stone remnant, and Doom ulti which will pause the duration timer for 1 second if Doom is near. Neither of these examples 'pause' anything other than the duration timer, so they are not hampered in any way.

                                            @KawaiiSocks might know of others but I can't think of any others off the top of my head. It's kind of extremely strong to be able to extend the duration of a spell so that's my guess why it isn't very common.

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                                              Kotato, 64 yo

                                                who else is a silencer spammer?


                                                  Silencer can be played all positions. B.c he has a versatile skillset, he have a curse spell, a damage dealing etc.

                                                  Duke Nukem

                                                    why are there supports in the game? in 1k league nobody pick them! when i pick sup, i have a herald 3 carry which is dead 18 times in 10 min.
                                                    only rage and blaime. only noobs and trolls. you stuck in your rank. you are not able to come out of the trash! and i tried for a while.
                                                    that makes me sad a bit. but valve give a shit.
                                                    good bye Dota2
                                                    gg wp


                                                      - pick Enigma
                                                      - countered by Silencer
                                                      - you build BKB
                                                      - activate BKB then cast blackhole
                                                      - Silencer press Global Silence
                                                      - Enigma left the game


                                                        Best hero ever.


                                                          САЛО - ОДИН ИЗ САМЫХ ЛЮТЫХ КОРОВ... НИКАКОЙ ОН НЕ САППОРТ

                                                          positive mental attitude!...

                                                            Well written and interesting article, thank you.

                                                            One small technically regarding your research:

                                                            "Glaive of Wisdom

                                                            This ability was nerfed quite heavily 7.07, only to be somewhat restored in 7.13b."

                                                            The "restoration" wasn't in 7.13b but 7.14.

                                                            Have nice day :)

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                                                              try Silencer and axe in offlane


                                                                На миду сало чувствует себя очень хорошо. а как саппорт он ходячий корм.

                                                                Yami Yugi

                                                                  non core (put any hero here) role in below 3k maybe just doesnt work lols let's not argue with that, but please, we are talking about what "should" be the hero roles, not some situational condition, asshole scrubs

                                                                  Yami Yugi

                                                                    even in my bracket, core silencer is already a no go, as you see here in this match, he is the most farmed hero of the match but his game impact (KDA) is not that impressive, just no longer viable from here on dude.


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