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    Jai S

      Hey, Since Dazzle is my favorite character, I was wondering whether you think playing Dazzle as less of a Save-from-every-gank hero and more of a gank helper is viable?


        I am best RU support and about top 20 in EU


          really good article really underlines the key supports attributes at higher mmr as well as lower!

          Mr. Pancakes

            Oh Rubick, Clockwerk and Enigma, my beloveds. How good it feels to carry your carry into carrying you!


              I think it was leech not leach, but....
              Nice article


                Thank you for this article. Support can be confusing and misunderstood.

                Brünk Hüll

                  One of the best articles ever written on Dotabuff. The argument against "winning more" alone was worth writing the article.


                    Very well writtten ez article gg


                      One personal tip / opinion I'd like to add for lower-mid tier games: Build an HP item early! When you're a rubick or a CM with a blink dagger, arcane boots and 1k health @ 40 mins you're not really going to contribute all too much in an equal game. However, I lost count of how many fights were turned around because I built an atos / aghs instead and survived on 100 hp. You don't have to go that far, a simple point booster or even a bracer can make a huge difference.


                        i used to hate supporting but lately all i want is win, So i am keep playing as a support and i have decent win rate.

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                        John F. Kurniadi

                          I stopped playing supp cuz my carry is suck

                          Boundless Strike in Gaben...

                            just buy wards and stay out of my way..ill carry any support's noob ass


                              "lul" said the SEA server players

                              Le cereal killer

                                i'm on a 7 win streak with dazzle in ranked games, i'm climbing in mmr just by playin support(1700 to 2600). this article makes me happy, maybe support players will finally be recognized !!! i get a lot of commend but lots of people forget to even thank you for ur hard work in games. How many carrys think so high of themself forgetting there early stage was won because of there supp...


                                  I've been playing Dota for just over 2 years now. I calibrated my MMR at 1.8 k and I was told by friends that 'You can only win ranked games if you play mid or carry'. I tried this but actually lost MMR to 1.4 k. I switched to support and I've reached yesterday 3.1 k MMR. Supporting is for me the most fun role to play and arguably the role that dictates the early to mid game dynamic. And I still find people that think that supporting is for noobs or low skill players. Tell that to Misery, Zai, Jerax, Fly, Yapzor, Puppey, Kuroky, GH and others. Supporting is fun and much more important than what the community currently thinks. Good article!


                                    I think Icefrog will continue to nerf them.


                                      Playing support is fun until your cores throw the game when your team is much ahead.

                                      ♥♦ GED ♣♠

                                        I learned the game playing supp heroes, specially lion. I think my problem is to be followed by teammates cuz I like to play aggressive when supporting using smokes and wards to gank. Sometimes they even do the gank with me and fall back to jungle instead of taking objectives. This makes supporting very irritating in 2k.

                                        Mr. Giggles

                                          @Angry Spatula - the aggressive dazzle build maxing poison touch seems to be more popular lately. Great for early kills in your lane as well as punishing a tower dive by an opponent in any lane (always have a TP ready like the article suggests). Being aggressive keeps the offlaner off of your carry and hinders your opponents' farm, as opposed to only focusing on healing your carry which doesn't stop the offlaner from having an impact.


                                            Dont forget to mention supports MUST be in fog of war always - dont try to depush / push a lane unless its near tower and your allies in your touch , unless you play shaman or something
                                            but really most important thing is stay in fog
                                            Then mostly warding and deward
                                            in this meta counter ganking and ganking as double support is important
                                            pos 4 and 5 should work together
                                            after 20 min your cores can buy you support items just ask


                                              "leaching" should be "leeching"


                                                In SEA servers, there is no such thing as "supports"

                                                ArturO Uchiha

                                                  I learn from the best. I learn from mastah singsing. Boot+orb of venom as starting items, i go kill kill murder murder.

                                                  Boundless Strike in Gaben...

                                                    supports cant push so they cant win the game simple...regardless of the points being made for supports, if your carrys are retarded and dont push objectives after kills you can keep wiping the other team it wont mean shit late game and they'll push and win it

                                                    even supports like shaman who have pushing potential its not a direct push by any means, his ult is more like a complimentary sort of push you cant depend on it as your primary push strat....maybe late game with aghs and refresher but he's like the only support with that mechanic anyway

                                                    so supports can net you kills and farm but cant win you the game...same thing can be said with killing heroes like pudge and timber...if you want to climb the mmr ladder the first thing you need is a pushing hero who is self dependent for the most part and you can fall back to the jungle with if youre getting rekt in lane

                                                    think troll and lc

                                                    in the trenches its always a great idea to go shadow blade and rat...just carry a tp


                                                      ^ this comment sucks

                                                      Chaconne in G Minor

                                                        Пустил слезу


                                                          Yea that mentality that supports are for noobs is so dumb. Any idiot can right click on creeps. Creating strategies and making calls to ganks and pulls are what shape the overall games outcome. Make sure you convert wins into solid Pushes and it's gg.


                                                            I don't like the last line, despite the truth of it. It comes across as an opinion, which articles are not for. Articles are for facts and food for thought. However on the whole it was a very nice and I personally completely forgot that reliable gold existed and will now take it into consideration in all games, not just on supports.

                                                            Thank you.

                                                            BUDDA Loves Me

                                                              Играю онли на саппах, советы для начинающих игроков.
                                                              Но все равно думаю многим будет интересно почитать.


                                                                Worst thing you can experience as support, is to support your carry who is total retard!

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