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    so cool



      Ajeeb Sa Naam Hoga

        [A] you are the second XD ... n the hunter of the night is back again Lolz XD

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            BALANAR GO GO GO




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                  Кстати, заметили что у баланара на лбу головка члена?

                  Wayful Spirit

                    I think his standard build sucks. His aghs is overrated. I think he should be built more DPS oriented. A mix of Ursa, Troll, PA and SB build is good I guess for a core. I know pros don't agree with DPS oriented build, because as an offlaner he should be a stunner tank and as a support a teamfight utility provider, but ok.


                      "Aghs is overrated"
                      Said the sub 50 wr guy who gave up already in dota then decide to play bot whre he can enjoy his low skill


                        Aghs is still OP, there is no hiding for any hero if Balanar is chasing you. I favor the casting build and getting items that ensure survivability.

                        Telo Bot

                          I'm Batman

                          MM.Brock Hall

                            Seeing as the hero has been used as a support for over a year in pros, it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that building support items (which are necessary to the team) is effective. That slow and silence is already really awesome, and it won't get better by building tank or damage items. I'm kind of surprised aether isn't on his popular item list for pros, even if it only effects one spell.


                              *dies to PL*



                                Ser Pounce

                                  The hero really lack damage for the late game, that's why he isn't build with DPS items. However, he's a strong tank with really good CC.

                                  Non artes virum

                                    Understand why cause of that Check Night Stalker's stats

                                    Ignis intrinsecus

                                      как развидеть красный член на шлеме у НСа?


                                        Building aghs on Night Stalker now is as bad as building it on Treant Protector. People think, not buying wards or having any vision on the map in the first 30 minutes, rushing midas and afk farming as a position 4 support gives you 'amazing' late game vision that 'wins games'. There's a reason you see Treant so much in pro games, but never a scepter. The same has happened to Night Stalker now. However, this is not going to change people's builds in low skill level games (my skill leve).


                                          aghs now become an optional item, only work when you're dealing with tinker , aside from that is literally waste of money


                                            * Night Stalker: Hunter in the Night manacost increased from 50 to 80
                                            * Night Stalker: Void day slow duration reduced from 2 to 1.25 seconds

                                            ty GabeN

                                            Wayful Spirit

                                              @Carmilla you can just shutup. I often play with teams full of 3ks and 4ks and here is one . I didn't gave up on anything, I just don't like pubs, because of toxic people like you. I'm a bot spammer because I find it more fun. I know you're a mean baby with no life and no critical reasoning, instead of criticizing my point, you ran an ad hominem.

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                                                There's no "tank" role in dota 2, you nitwits. NS is good as pos 3-4, which offers utility and some kill potential. The fact that he can provide absurd amount of vision mid-late game is extremely powerful, arguably borderline broken.


                                                  HAHA nerfed


                                                    CN dota best dota ! ti7 conme on




                                                        Is Night Stalker mid still viable? It seems like he can wreck house against many matchups, then gank and snowball. At the same time though, waste of the extra creep mid. I got rekt by a Balanar mid the other week as SF.

                                                        DEATH ROW RECORDS

                                                          ЩЕ НЕ ВМЕРЛА УКРАЇНА


                                                            building an ags in that game would've been overkill. NS doesn't need many items to be effective anyway. also OG got majorly outdrafted that game no question. the feed early game was real!


                                                              Can you make an "Epicenter: Moscow meta heroes review" please? :3


                                                                Agha's problem in pubs is that teams don't work well enough to utilize it effectively and in pros it's because they work well enough that Balanar's early advantage is already enough to decide games. (aka it ends before he gets it. or they get item that focus on maximizing his early advantages. )

                                                                As a DPS hero he's really garbage, the only plausibly good build would involve Mjollnir + tank items.

                                                                The difference between Balanar and Treant is that if skills are roughly equal Balanar should earn a lot more money through ganks and fights usually. if your poor as F by mid game as Balanar your screwed no matter what anyway. with Treant it's more tricky because he's not really an active ganker or anything.


                                                                  While your all doing that I'm taking him mid, getting aghs > aether lens > dagon >ethreal blade octorine if the game isn't over yet. I mean I got to do it on someone.... why not one of the fastest and tankier heros in the game with unobstructed vision?