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General DiscussionSo what's up with Han Yolo

So what's up with Han Yolo in General Discussion

    that's who I vote for, I like how he's able to go on and on, where as a simple lmao, sure would be more effective


      5 H - 2 T


        We have a new golden thread based on Han. ecksdee lamao


          i vote myself! vote me people
          bayleef in me


            Nice thread.

            Google Open AI -, 2.1.34

              I feel enlighted after reading this thread


                5 H - 2 T and we have 1 F for Feachairu

                Poll is closed Sunday at 10 pm

                Suck my tiny curry dick

                  I change my vote from Thad to Feachairu

                  rain markcawat



                      i can guarentee these are both jacked having an elaborate conversation with himself

                      human writing styles are very distinct. that you think han and I are the same person implies you have poor reading comprehension. If i'm familiar with a person's writing style it usually takes 2 to 3 sentences to spot them if they are writing under a pseudonym


                        so much wall of texts

                        "wall of text" isn't a reference to length, it's a reference to lack of punctuation and paragraph returns. when you look at a long(ish) comment and say "wall of text" all you are saying is "I lack the mental capacity to understand anything longer than a few sentences". look, if you lack the mental capacity to comprehend anything complicated then don't read stuff that's too complicated for you to understand. don't wander into conversations too complicated for you and start moaning about how they are too complicated for you.

                        just s**t up and go away.


                          thad who typed too much irritated me with his behavior, accused everyone of anti-social

                          there are at least dozen people commenting on this thread. I called one person "anti social". so, now, you are lying too. hint: it doesn't help your cause to lie and if your position were so secure you wouldn't need to lie about it. to say that I start accusing "everyone" of anti social behavior when I pointed out manifestly anti social behavior in one person is you blatantly lying.

                          exaggeration is a form of lying. don't exaggerate.

                          when that guy replied he just said you lied

                          like you, that person openly and blatantly lied. it doesn't help that you lied in your own comment, either.

                          Suck my tiny curry dick

                            Are you really a grandpa?


                              Unfortunately you can’t change ur vote Washed up.
                              Poll still open guys

                              Artifact Promo Bot

                                This whole thread hurts my head, I'm vothing for han.

                                Suck my tiny curry dick

                                  Feachairu should not be part of it.

                                  Rubick Fanboy

                                    Wtf I'm washed up that's the damn copycat LMFAO


                                      I thought this was your alter ego, like jacked and Han 🤷🏼‍♂️
                                      Anyhow Feachairu decided to crash the party so whatever.
                                      As it stands right now

                                      Han 6 - Thados 2 - Feachairu 1

                                      Keep it going my brothers!

                                      Rubick Fanboy

                                        Look for the difference between l and 1

                                        Ayase  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                                          I GO FOR THAD

                                          Suck my tiny curry dick

                                            I vote for Feachairu

                                            My Comrades are Imbeciles

                                              I despise Han and Thad you've gone too far bruh.

                                              #Feachairu for president


                                                Han 6 - Thados 3 - Feachairu 3

                                                Its a tie fellas! Keep it going gents.
                                                May allah be with you my brothers

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                                                  Here's the real question, when will Jacked actually use his real account to comment again