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    Can we all agree that this thread doesn't help anyone? Tbh, it IS borderline entertaining. But this is not a topic that the forum, of a game whose community is generally considered toxic, can help with. All we're doing is circlejerking.

    Y'all have a nice day.


      >caring about dead forums


        Stop the hatred. we are all forumers :)

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          It's not dead in our hearts kappa.


            You can study psych and all the theories and disorders but you will never need to know what cluster a to c is, and why thy grouped like that. It's kinda meaningless honestly.

            actually, it's not. all the various disorders in those clusters share traits that are mathematically correlated, but traits that don't correlate with other clusters. you are simply incorrect based on the empirical evidence.

            Again, fuck you because I studied psychology.

            that's like saying because you put a monkey in a psych class it means that monkey has "studied psychology". you clearly lack the capacity to comprehend the material in those classes so, no, in no meaningful way have you "studied psychology".

            I mean didn't I fucking define jargon just awhile ago

            there are two aspects when analyzing definitions: first, whether or not it comports with common usage. second, whether or not it is clear and meaningful. A definition can comport to usage but still be a bad definition if common usage is incoherent, vague and meaningless. your definition is a bad definition because it is ridiculously vague to the point of being incoherent (btw, ShiftingSkys pretty much already pointed this out implicitly).

            Consider the following two scenarios:

            A) I walk into a room only containing people with PhDs in physics. I start talking about "cluster B". Having lots of experience with highly educated people I'm sure that 90 pct of them will understand what "cluster B" means and the rest will pick it up in 5 minutes.

            B) I walk into a room only containing people who dropped out of school by the 8th grade. it is likely that none of them will know what I mean by "cluster B" and I would spend an entire day trying to get them to understand and probably only a couple will even have a vague idea of what it means.

            Now, by your given definition the phrase "cluster B" is jargon in the second scenario but not jargon in the first. That is a textbook *bad* definition regardless of whether or not it is common usage. This is because a large array of words are meaningless gibberish *as commonly used*. That tens of millions of people are all babbling makes it no less babble than when one person does it. All it means is that millions of people are all babbling.

            Further, *your* definition of "jargon" is used by people who are anti intellectual and who are envious of people who understand things better than they do.

            Finally, you are simply wrong on the facts. "Cluster B" is a term that is widely known outside of academic and specialist circles. Just search youtube for "cluster B" and you will find thousands and thousands of videos giving practical advice on how to identify and avoid people with cluster B personalities. the vast majority of those people are not specialists in the field and have no problems disseminating a good idea of what the concept entails. Also, as already pointed out, "cluster B" is going to be discussed in any sophomore class on abnormal psychology and is probably even discussed in some intro classes.

            Even by your own definition of the term "cluster B" isn't jargon because it is broadly and correctly used by a wide variety of people who are not academics or specialist.

            you are simply wrong on the facts.


              The topic of this post was a question asked by a forum member: what is up with HanYolo

              The very obvious answer is that Han blatantly manifests numerous markers for one of the dramatic/anti social personalities (aka cluster B). Like all cluster B's Han doesn't really even believe much, if any, of what he is saying. Cluster B's are notorious for arguing in bad faith and just resorting to word salad. han is at the very least a narcissist, if not a full blown sociopath, and this just oozes from his every comment.


                Can we all agree that this thread doesn't help anyone ... of a game whose community is generally considered toxic,

                20 percent of the people create 80 percent of the problems. when you ignore that reality you are actually adding to the problems. when you say "whose community is generally considered toxic" you are entrenching that environment.


                  the act of grouping traits that correlate together is good, because it simplifies concepts, labeling them as 'cluster b' is a complete fucking farce and most definitely jargon.

                  so wait, I missed this. you have no problem with using evidence and statistics to establish patterns. your objection is to labeling specific patterns? seriously? do you object to *all* labeling of patterns? or just this particular one

                  it is to laugh

                  again, this is just more evidence that everything you say in these forums is in bad faith.

                  btw, look up "bad faith". pretty interesting read.


                    Can anyone short it in one line what the grandpa guy is telling?
                    Who reads such a long thread about nothing?

                    Rubick Fanboy

                      i can guarentee these are both jacked having an elaborate conversation with himself
                      its exactly like him
                      and one day every account on dotabuff will be jacked talking to himself

                      My Comrades are Imbeciles

                        Perhaps I AM JACKED TOO

                        DUN DUN DUN


                          so much wall of texts,i think i wont read this lol


                            Yes i do work in an asylum.
                            Yes, you are creepier than any of the psychos here Thad


                              Yes, you are creepier than any of the psychos here Thad

                              Any sufficiently advanced intelligence is indistinguishable from madness.

                              Out of curiosity can you name a specific thing about me that creeps you out? Is it creepy to point out that someone on the forums manifests multiple markers of anti social personality?

                              (btw, you don't really believe that I am "creepier than any of the psychos there". no, you're just lying)

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                                dudes stop bumping this thread or Jacked will create another smurf and act retarded (again)

                                Rubick Fanboy

                                  Jacked stop writing text walls no one wants to read

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                                    I'm jacked's australian crusader smurf, welcome to the future, Please someone explain, how thad knows all these big words and all these greats things, but yet he is herald. *awaits psychological analysis of words to avoid the point for the millionth time, or a wall of text to mask the sunnies.


                                      Please someone explain, how thad knows all these big words and all these greats things, but yet he is herald.

                                      Because dota rank and the ability/curiosity to understand the world are unrelated to each other. I've already answered this question a half dozen times on this forum. btw, that answer is so bloody obvious your question just looks intellectually dishonest.

                                      now, go away, as you're clearly not interested in this subject and have nothing valuable to add to it.


                                        When I said I have problem with the labelling it has entirely to do with your use of the term. And why it's jargon. Because it's only used in academic circles. Honestly your entire argument about why it's not jargon is kind of retarded. I suggest you see the quoted definition again and just kinda use some brain cells to see why the usage is considered jargon.

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                                          I have no problems at all with you thinking that I am a sociopath or have an antisocial personality disorder. In fact I live for this mr Thad.

                                          But I can't stand your pseudo intellectual analysis. Lol. Give me an example of traits that are mathematically correlated in cluster B personalities please. This ought to be fun


                                            And tell me how it's relevant to your central thesis which is that I'm a sociopath because I diss you. And why correlation of personality traits in "cluster b" is any kind of meaningful explanation of my sociopathic behaviour.


                                              And then I will address your argument for it's worth. So please stop going off topic now. I don't have all day

                                              Unhealable Damage GrandGrant

                                                thad u gay or wat stop acting like a puss thks


                                                  Off topic: when I say I study psychology. It's just to say, I actually studied it for 4 years, know more about it than you, understand more about it at a deeper level than you, and I know enough about it's flaws and benefits to make an informed decision about the topic itself.

                                                  Your claims that I haven't studied it is kind of lame. I mean you dissed me for dissing you without backing it up but you just did that. But I'm all for direct discrediting and name calling. Just don't pretend to be making good arguments. Lol

                                                  I only bring this fact up because you think by quoting some jargon and throwing around some false analysis, you think what you say is somehow true and carries weight. I'm just here to tell you that it's very obvious that you have no clue about psychology. You just read some shit about personality research and think you can make an educated argument. Personality research btw is incredibly flawed.

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                                                    You think by saying traits are correlated mathematically, means what you say is credible at all? Lol. Data is useless for a monkey like you who cannot understand how to apply it or form coherent hypotheses and theories.


                                                      Sorry to the rest. My walls of text are just meant for dumbass Thad here. Just know that I'm giving him a good thrashibg


                                                        Your claims that I haven't studied it is kind of lame.

                                                        I didn't claim you never studied it, per se. My point was you lack the capacity to understand anything you studied. You have yet to demonstrate even a shred of understanding of human motivation and behavior in anything you've said on these forums. You "studied" in the same sense that a monkey sitting in a classroom "studies".

                                                        Give me an example of traits that are mathematically correlated in cluster B personalities please

                                                        attention seeking
                                                        ignores rules pertaining to social decorum
                                                        poor/non existent boundaries
                                                        blame shifting
                                                        risky behavior
                                                        excessively competitive

                                                        almost all of your comments are word salad. outside of the insults they don't even contain meaningful content. people with the various anti social personalities often resort to word salad to camouflage that they are just bull*****. word salad is a very common tell for anti social personalities.

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                                                          Just know that I'm giving him a good thrashibg

                                                          grandiosity. if this were so obvious you wouldn't feel the need to assert it.

                                                          Rubick Fanboy

                                                            I am rapidly approaching autism

                                                            Papa Stalin

                                                              time to vote who won in this. dotabuff academic debate

                                                              kudos to thad but I think han yolo presented his arguments well kappa


                                                                Han yolo>grAmps


                                                                  Yes lets start a poll
                                                                  1- Vote H for han
                                                                  2- Vote T for Thados
                                                                  I vote H

                                                                  Papa Stalin


                                                                    Papa Stalin

                                                                      I honestly think flaming the troll is being a retard honestly,

                                                                      you alr knew that yolo was trolling. giving him a diagnosis is a taboo and if you are really a psychological student you should know proper ethics on how you do a psychological evaluation.

                                                                      i think across all cultures confidentiality and shit on diagnosis shouldnt be publicized + the way how you diagnosed a person was improper and does not follow DSM(?) standards

                                                                      captain KEEL

                                                                        Obviously h
                                                                        Less words less things to understand


                                                                          can't u just ignore him?


                                                                            3 H - 0 T

                                                                            Keep it up fellas

                                                                            Where are u now

                                                                              this Granpa re-Thad have a brain damage after jump from cliff like patrick do


                                                                                3 H - 1 T

                                                                                Where are u now



                                                                                    I was hoping to keep him going. He has slowed down considerably. Lol at your POV Chigga. This is the internet not a psych evalutation and flaming trolls is absolutely hilarious. Why would you not want to flame a troll. It just makes them triggered and they react. its like Kindling a fire.

                                                                                    but u said dota was fun :(

                                                                                      140 comments and counting. HAHAHA

                                                                                      Papa Stalin

                                                                                        @shifting claimed legitimacy of diagnosis bec. he was a psych major then the moment he said that makes my judgement legit rofl


                                                                                          I think I phrased it Poorly. What he did WAS give a diagnosis. What I was attempting to say was that its the internet not a professional diagnosis in a professional setting. For someone versed in psychology he is responding to Yolo's idiocy as if he has to prove something. But heck once again its the internet. Can we get Hans back he is the fun one here. We need some replies- I want to hear more about his 4 year study of psychology- that might have ended with him getting a degree??

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                                                                                            a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts


                                                                                              Its 4 H - 1 T
                                                                                              Come on guys keep the voting going the poll will be closed on Sunday 10 pm

                                                                                              Chromo Cat

                                                                                                My vote h

                                                                                                Where are u now

                                                                                                  actually i think han and thad are people who know about psychology, but i see them like fools
                                                                                                  han looks like a great person by saying all the people who rank under the ancient are the trash including myself (indeed too many people like that but I see it's funny because he does not show off his original rank)
                                                                                                  while thad who typed too much irritated me with his smart-ass behavior, accused everyone of anti-social but when that guy replied he just said you lied LOOOOL you are a true comedian


                                                                                                    granpa thad