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      Honorable mention: Gyro with maxed Flak and stats afterwards


        Oh, yes, absolutely! 0-1-4-1 Gyro is a staple in the SEA pro scene. It does limit the lane agression potential, but this Gyro farms really fast and is incredibly hard to kill in the midgame


          I know I do it on supports at times. If I'm playing Abaddon or Omniknight and know I won't be able to get close to the enemy due to their draft. I'll put a value point in the passive but I won't max it. I feel the extra stat points for survivabilty for me to get into the teamfights and save people as well as the extra mana helps. I also do it when I play Sand King pos 4. I get 1 point in caustic or skip it because I'm not farming and need the extra mana badly since I rush blink.

          Also back in the day stats Weaver was a thing. I remember off weaver, maxing stats, and then getting hood into radiance. Good times.


            Articles like this help keep supports in the trench. Please level your skills.


              I remember in the HohoHaha patch when a few Jugg players in the pro scene would go 1-1-1 then max stats. Value point in spin and healing ward for survivability, value point in crit for damage, then just stack the stats up along with mask of madness


                Good article, brings light to a much overlooked idea.

                Nemesis 041

                  By this logic, one could, in the past, say something similar about Luna, getting more stats over Lunar Blessing. I put emphasis on "in the past", as this would be back when the night vision bonus was always 1000 regardless of level. Since it scales up to 1000, it's usually better to get it leveled up as well, especially when you're in pub games and your teammates may or may not buy wards. As you've stated in the past, vision is the key to winning games. (Or something along those lines at least)

                  Not to mention these days, many pub Luna players just max her passives anyway, and then a value point in Lucent Beam just to stun enemies, and then the uninformed Luna players use Eclipse with the level one beam not knowing that it deals crap damage. (To me, super cringe moment)

                  polish jarry

                    Another build I believe RTZ also went in the past is Naga with value ensnare point


                      Leshrac supp skipping Lightning Storm for attribute is not rare either.. even ult lvl 2 at times


                        People max out Jugg's bladefury not for the dmg but for the cooldown decrease and mana cost decrease so that its spammable. With Omnislash now dependent on attack damage and attack speed, it no longer makes sense to put anymore lvl points in his 3rd skill. The extra 5% proc chance is way too inferior to what stats can offer. The one that is debatable is the extra points in healing ward. 1% increase can be very huge to not only help yourself but to help allies. But when it is so huge, bringing 3 or 4 points in healing ward will result in an overheal sometimes. So depending on the situation, you may put 1 or 2 or 3 points in healing ward before going for stats.


                          gonna be real with you that am persona got me actin up like 🥵


                            Yatoro just skipped level 2 and 3 ulti in this game too xd: 6287824481

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