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    wow, they actually change the photo


      Let's go OG!

      Fuck party, solo is REAL MMR

        Pretty sure secret is gonna pull off something super stupid and insane like pos 5 mars or something silly and make it work.


          Secret will choke so hard ... And Im a Secret fan :*(


            I’m interested to see the qualified teams’ breakdown, especially with Forward Gaming ceasing operations, how that will affect that team’s mentality. Also, I wanna see Matu’s revenge

            слушаю лофай и мечтаю о п...

              i hope OG woldnt participate in a play off stage

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                  WoW! Let's go OG!

                  ✪ Manuel ✪

                    LETS GO ALLIANCE

                    Yami Yugi

                      we need the Horde! Where is the Horde????


                        Puppey was outdrafted in the recent match vs Liquid and then he was able to come back next game with Liquid outdrafted.


                          Secret always look promising at TI's never to win one... Like VP. This year's no exception


                            where is Chaos?