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Ah ウンコ, またやるか

    Can't wait for the next patch tho

    mode: Hailrake

      NA`VI in the final?


        в десятке

        Megacuck Jaden

          Where the fck is my new patch voldog?!! You want all teams to spam drow strat again you dipshit?


            The new patch is coming this weekend/beginning of next week.


              Everyone's waiting for the patch.

              NERF. DROW.


                Waiting for new patch please


                  Drow and the attack speed aura... The damage aura wasn't as good as AS aura is. Should they revert it back to damage?

                  Or should they just remove the "one shot, one kill" from the ultimate? Maybe give a bigger damage bonus to the ultimate??? Or should the ultimate have like 10 second duration and 30 second CD or something?

                  What would be a good change for Drow? As a singular hero she is not that OP...

                  Megacuck Jaden

                    -Reduce armor by 2(to compensate +6 agi buff last patch
                    -Ulti no longer 1 shot neutral, now deals twice as damage to neutral
                    -Ulti no longer ignore armor
                    -Ulti bonus dmg reduced to 80/100/120
                    -Drow’s aura affect half of value to allies

                    Done, perfectly balanced drow. Well, I have more dedication than valve’s stupid dev team

                    E-Envy hentai baka urusai

                      Lol, after > yours nerf < drowse will be dead as hero

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                          Only wait this :)