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    bots monkaS


      THIRST! 3st

      Pepper & Salt

        Report AI for communication abuse


          Brace yourself, Skynet is coming


            It's nice, but their hero pool still really small and they can't play against illusions, I mean it's not even Dota...

            Jack Attack

              I'll be impressed when the restrictions are removed.

              om pelan pelan perih

                imagine if openai can play meepo.




                    who cares lol


                      People are not impressed with the limitations.. chill,it's just in beta stage 2 mode.. maybe in a few years time it could go even further who knows what the sky is their limits.. give it time to learn.. but I do say I'm not impressed with how draft depended their are,what I would like to see if they come from behind..

                      Potato PC

                        Can't wait until OpenAI mastering IO and Earth Spirit.


                          @stars The devs said playing with illusions would be an unfair advantage for the bots due to their superior micro skills. Therefore it's not that they can't play against illusions, but just that the devs have prioritized other aspects of the game over that one so far.

                          aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                            One day, you filthy humans will not be able to beat OpenAI.
                            “With the current toxic Dota 2 community, we predict the probability of winning any games to be 99.99%”


                              Humans would wipe them with all heroes and illu, the bots have practiced those heroes 1000 times more than any human but only against those other 14 heroes.


                                Ai bots vs team team pro players 1 miracle 2 noOne 3general 4gh 5jerax


                                  There’s still infinitely many things before the bots will be able to defeat a team without any restrictions. They still have to learn the rest of the hero pool, all the potential interactions and movements... merely the concept of the draft, with countless factors to think about. throw in heroes whose design are insanely difficult to comprehend at the level they want these bots to, such as any of the micro heroes, illusion heroes. Throw in the concepts of stacking and pulling. I give at least 2 years before Dota ends, and Dota will end when they create a bot team capable of guaranteeing victory against a human team


                                    who the hell is those team human ?

                                    Dark Hunter

                                      It's an interesting concept. And i doubt dota will be dead when they finaly pull it off. they have no intention on selling the bots or whatever (maybe to valve for optimizing their own bots) but this is a company that doesnt give a shit about esports. they're only interested in the behaviour of their AI in a complex enviorment

                                      Jicniv Rune Farlord El Nix

                                        KI will Dominate the World soon, and we must think about Laws and restrictions about it or we will end in a Future painted in nomerous Sci Fi Movies.


                                          So every teenage fuck in the comments decided to talk about how unimpressed he is about the bots, and how much better is he and his archon buddies at dealing with illusions. Do any of you have the slightest clue about Machine Learning and AI field? OpenAI bots are truly groundbreaking, and are only possible recently due to insane processing powers available. Do you think that devs and sponsors care about your kiddy game? This is merely a step in learning to build complex networks, a model with incomplete information in a controlled environment. This is a fucking set of 1’s and 0’s that through trial and error taught itself to play dota better than any of you brilliant minds. This shit is going to change lives and whole industries, yet you are not impressed cuz it abuses couriers

                                          Despair | 絶望

                                            why do i have that weird greek pantheon like thingy next to my name

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                                            Story Time

                                              AI is just better than you


                                                It's fucking obvious humans can't even compare to AI.
                                                Humans can't make perfect decisions, and they have latency enough for them to always be the ones that get hit by spells and not vice versa.
                                                I don't even know why anyone would expect anything else. No matter who Team Human consists of, they will lose, as long as the AI is taught what they are playing against.

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                                                  You AIs may be better at dota than humans, but who made you. YES! whose smarter now.

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                                                    wasnt there a 3rd game, though? slightly over 30 min long, won by humans.


                                                      besides that, human team wasnt, hmm, a stack of tier1 players. afair it mostly consisted of casters (merlini, capitalist, etc.)


                                                        Amazing, you mean to tell me a computer is better than a human at playing a computer game???


                                                          Well they defeated a team full of top 500 players so its pretty impressive. also i would like to see their hero pool expand to over 50 heroes, its unrealistic for them to have over a hundred heroes learnt in 2 years.


                                                            I will be more interested in the outcome of these games when they start using 1 courier which can be killed on each team like in real Dota.

                                                            Allowing each bot to have its own invincible courier kind of defeats the purpose of simulating teamwork in my opinion. The pace of the game is completely different, there is no tempo or strategy all they do is spam regen constantly and overpower their opponents with basically hacks (perfect reaction time and mechanics).

                                                            Am I surprised bots that process every single variable on the map instantly 60 or more times per second can win mechanically in team fights? Not at all, they really need to fix this courier issue so that the bots actually need to MAKE DECISIONS AS A TEAM not just having every bot individually "hack" their way to victory in flawless team fights and no down time.

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                                                            Yami Yugi

                                                              it's not about the win we are going to be impressed, but to make AI plays DotA even merely herald level normally (naturally) is already a great success!
                                                              I believe it's not something ever close to easy to be pulled off.
                                                              But these guys trying to point out any factor in the game (Courier, instant reaction mechanics etc) do have a point, let's say we can access bot game with such AI in a normal DotA would be very satisfying (current bot buys wrong item components)


                                                                "Perhaps one of OpenAI's greatest strengths is they haven't yet learned how to flame each other".

                                                                You know what to do boys, teach those bots! :D

                                                                Cursed Golf Ball

                                                                  why the hell is the video autoplaying, even when not scrolled?


                                                                    Gonna wait till AI learns how to combo with Invoker so we can see that juicy perfect combo + refresher orb :))

                                                                    Whiscas Shiro

                                                                      Don't let OpenAI invest an AI on Meepo, ever. I believe it would be like facing 8 players or 9 with Aghanims.

                                                                      La Dz

                                                                        There is one thing bot will never have and that is imagination i would love if we could also play vs bots, that human team looked like they have never played together before