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    Wow ana!


      where will uni play now?


        in league of legends

        Sticky Bamboo

          damn i was hoping w33 would be picked up by a team


            I understand concerns on "breach of privacy", but Philippines recognizes e-sports as "sports" now, and as such, they must hold all events to the same standards, which includes drug testing.


              Didn't even know immortals was disbanded..


                Wow, EG kicked out a veteran and changed one of the best midlaners in the world, to go to offlane, lets hope that Universe will be picked up by another team soon :/ Anyway: LET'S GO LIQUID!!

                Nerf Herder

                  Its fine if you think hey drug testing teams is a normal resonable thing to do. But u also have to remember its the philippines where the government has been known to imprison people indefinately and kill people for drugs and so its a massive risk for a bunch of kids.

                  breast aware

           would rather skip a tournament, than give up LSD during drafting stage


                      Whats the problem with the drug test? Even dota kids are already on drugs?

                      Google Open AI -, 2.1.34

                        drug testing for dota lmao


                          the worst thing is the drugs tested are not performance enhancing drugs, which if you couldn't guess already, is because its not for sports, but for Duterte's drug campaign. The drugs tested are Marijuana and Methamphetamine, both drugs involved in the drug war, and neither of which are heavily, if at all, used in esports scene (the closest is Amphetamine, which Methamphetamine is a FORM OF, but there for does not include drugs like Aderall, which have been used in other esports)


                            I support the decision of Valve against the stupid laws of philippines. Go Summail !!

                            love your supp

                              "Critics of drug-testing programs argue that employees have a basic right to privacy. Employers cannot intrude on this privacy without serious cause and in a manner that is reasonable. Routine and random drug testing, they claim, clearly violates an employee's right to privacy. First, these programs, by their nature, subject employees to humiliation and invade their privacy routinely and randomly, not because there is reasonable suspicion of drug abuse."


                              I can't understand American logic behind these privacy concerns.
                              You should have nothing to fear, if you have nothing to hide.


                                Employees have the right to privacy??? Welp I apparently need to go work for Valve. I’ve never worked somewhere that DIDN’T drug test me. “We want esports to be taken seriously as a real sport” - Valve. “We do not want to do anything that any other sport does” - Also Valve.


                                  Well at least now everyone knows. If you want to get better at DoTA just get on an amphetamine or other upper. With your new drug induced reaction speed you can make it to the top without ever having to worry about being drug tested. This is honestly horrible for the image and integrity of dota 2 as any sort of legitimate sport. It sends a signal to players “do whatever you feel that you need to so you can gain an advantage.”

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                                    "Chinese veteran xiao8 has yet again assembled a team of former pro players. Big God 2.0 will feature BurNing, Ferrari_430 and chisbug. Rounding out the line-up will be yet another newcomer, supposedly a player who acquired a lot of MMR in a very short span of time."

                                    i feel that this new player will bring a storm to the dota scene.


                                      " I’ve never worked somewhere that DIDN’T drug test me."

                                      rofl. you realize the difference between one drug test that you volunteer for and continuous drug testing? probably not.


                                        Omg no I didn’t realize that difference! You’re so smart! Even though where I work does random drug test every month how would I possibly know such a thing exist?! Also if you read the article they were going to be drug tested one time? So I’m not even sure what your point is. Thank you though for being so enlightening. Your wisdom on the topic has been noted even if it was completely irrelevant to the discussion of the article.

                                        R.I.P. Stan Lee

                                          EG rooster changes are the most interesting... Old man Fear back to carry and i think this is for the best, RTZ to mid ROFL, and SumaiL dont have any option left so he is the offlaner. Wish them luck tho...


                                            The main problem, is that they'll test for drugs that occur in marijuana. Marijuana may be illegal here, but it's not illegal in other countries. So what happens? The tournament winners are stripped because one of their players is a pothead? Please show me how weed is a Performances Enchancing Drug, lol.


                                              ana is back

                                              The Artifact open beta just went live and our sister site Artibuff has been updated with card statistics to help you make the right choices in the draft.