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    Nice article


      Since he cuts trees, his name should be changed to DESTROYER OF NATURE


        <3 NP


          He doesn't cut trees, he turns them into treants.

          MM.Ugh Brock Hall

            This is a huge callback to the old days of LightofHeaven. He would play offlane prophet and have excellent opportunity to jump to any lane then TP back to his lane. Prophet has always been one of the most flexible heroes in the game, with the (in my opinion) largest pool of viable items available.

            I'm not very good with the hero mostly because I feel pretty glassy and opt for bad split push items like necro book and midas (it used to be good I swear) but he is just so much fun to play.

            Black Capped Chickadee

              this is like what has happened to LC.


                No mention of Furion's talent tree? When dota 3 came out, he had undoubtedly the worst in the game. 6 TREANTS AT LVL 25. But now, it's one of the strongest in the game


                  next patch, this Furion will be nerfed for sure..


                    ESTA WENO