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    That star thought.

    MyF.EaSyx 110100100

      SEA is out :) ha ha ha ha

      Cry Cry ;(

      Trehz .//droi:D

        3rd madafakkaz


          Ah-fu snatch aegis is so sick! You can see the player perspective here

          Fear Who Fears Nothing

            FUucK Me!


              Chinook will prevail


                Last pick pugna from LFY is very smart and break the game for VP. Right click core reliant cant deal with pugna decrepify. And that aegis snatch is so sick, although I wonder why all 4 of VP heroes are inside the pit. Great game


                  Can't say I was surprised with TNC going out. Still GJ to them, but I'm sure they expected to at least match their top 8 from last year. The wait for SEA TI champ goes on


                    SEA dota is simply the worst in all regions...can u guys simply stop dreaming about having a SEA Ti champion?

                    Han Solo (shoots first)

                      There are a lot more good teams this year, and I don't think LFY is as dominant as Wings was last year, but I still think they win it. Just playing on another level right now, I think you have to outdraft them to win and that hasn't been happening much.


                        VP - LFY rematch finals


                          vp is retarded 2k shit.



                            ダイヤ 黒澤 Dia Kurosawa

                              LFY in VP - LFY second match did a $24-mill play right there


                                LGD vs VP what a series!


                                  i need looking turnamen live again