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      -DI- Herby The Carnivore

        tnc ti7 winner fuck miracle fuck og


          fiftEE/fiftEE chance for C9 to win TI 7. :D


            munem bre

            2 tango pls

              I <3 Aomine Daiki!


                go TNC

                show bob n vagene ples

                  lets go tnc indiaaaa pride ti7 winner! ♥

                  El Caruzo De la Dota ...



                      All these teams will be at the bottom besides cloud 9 and maybe DC.


                        KawaiiSocks ok, BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW YOUR WRITING IS AMAZING!!! seriously your explanations are so non-bias and thrilling. good article


                          hahaha.. bottom teams= Infamous and hell raisers


                            3rd to 5th place for Fnatic!

                            In the End....

                              " EternaLEnVy is an interesting player. At his best there are very few people who can match his skill. At his worst, he makes spectacular miscalculations and fails so hard it is actually amazing. Luckily for the team, at least during the qualifier run, the ratio of EE-1 to EE-2 definitely shifted in favor of the former. "


                              siapa yg bakal suka wibu ...

                                While i do think that VP would take the title, i think that TNC and C9 would be the most intersting teams to watch


                                  i just want my boy rtz to win a ti

                                  Duke Nukem

                                    og first
                                    eg second
                                    rtz reage quit

                                    Lincoln's Fear

                                      I like OG. But I don't think they're gonna claim the title. This is not their patch and their favorite heroes are nerfed.


                                        I am a EG fan but I think LGD is going to win.

                                        1-IceTea 🌟

                                          I don't think SEA will be able to claim the Aegis at this moment,but they are certainly growing better in international screen.

                                          Btw I certain want to watch some MidOne action even tho Secret are not the favour team that likely to win TI this year.


                                            Isn't c9 supposed to be team NP? Or they have changed the team?


                                              TNC gogogo


                                                You didn't talk about 'Planet Dog' aka 'Hell Raisers' now called, anyways all the best to all the Teams out there, hope to witness History in the Making.
                                                Fav. Team Liquid XD

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                                                Uuun TAnkA

                                                  Lol great article man, fully agree with you! But would love to see a c9 vs liquid matchup in the finals! Only for envy to throw a 30 k networth lead and lose to a Miracle invoker. :p


                                                    Good write up. Try not to repeat expressions if possible, for example "works like a clock" (like clockwork if you want the correct expression).

                                                    This TI is basically the battle of the supports, which is good for pubs cos WE NEED GREAT SUPPS HEH.

                                                    From the ground up

                                                      tbh ez win for planet odd here


                                                        Wow this article send chills down my spine, man...
                                                        Good job.
                                                        Also, i like the c9 part. Cracks me up everytime xD


                                                          GO GO GO FNATIC!



                                                            Jason Derulo

                                                              Kinda sad for ODD and Faceless


                                                                how dare you mocking our weebs leader EE-sama


                                                                  not expecting much but still hoping that they can perform well, all the best Fnatic