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      I'll always remember the legendary "IT'S A DISASTER!!!" moment!


        Really loved that Dendi reveal moment!


          DENDI IS DOTA'S FACE!!!!


            oppa dendi !!

            MM.Airsick Lowlander

              Honestly truly miss the days of TI3. It was a time when a kill was so important that it seldom happened, leaving games with 25 kills or less. Teamfights were tense, and when the fight finally came, it was always met with thunderous applause.

              Plays that we remember like this are always going to be few and far between, but I feel like we remember more of them from that era because plays like that carried more weight. Nowadays, every game has tons of fights that are bombastic but contribute less to the lead. It's less exciting, and it's a shame. I yearn for the days when a game could be 13 or 80 minutes, where it was risky to make a move. Part of that I know comes from 4 years of experience and if we went back to the patches of those years people would play them differently, but not all of it.

              Well now I'm just rambling.


                Rename Dota 2 to DendiDota kappa


                  best post ever^^

                  1-IceTea 🌟

                    That's why Dandi is all time great player even his performance in pro screen dropped off so much.

                    Compare to him Miracle- just a nerd sitting and playing his own game,alone or with his team,that's all.


                      "That’s $186.4 million spent by fans to watch Dota and a few extra cosmetic knick knacks"

                      hahaha? The way you've worded it makes it sound like you think people buy the Compendium for eSports. People buy it for the immortals; the eSports aspect is just tacked on.


                        Is that balanced?


                          Old NA'VI 😞.

                          swedish pride

                            Notice how theres nothing on ti4 finals lul

                            читающий артём

                              LOST BKBESHECHKA


                                I don't know why the behaviour of exploiting a broken mechanic is celebrated by the dota community. It should be frown upon.


                                  TI6 EG vs E-home 1st mega creep comeback in TI?


                                    Tnc vs OG mo incredible series on Ti6


                                      It's a disaster! Great caster. Hilarious reaction! And that Dendi fountain-hook shot! Great stuff!

                                      No skill Only luck

                                        А где же даблкил Хвоста против триплы с 5ой карты грандфинала?