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The Medic Guy

    nice article
    sorry no first shiet

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      :( i wanted to be first.....

      JM.Little Sky-

        4th place


          5th 555

          mode typhoon


            не бойся

              im not sure if it's a real achivement, but 7th (?)


                Nice article, omini still good too.

                vityana debuster



                    No omniknight ? ok


                      was about to mention omniknight, maybe in a seperate article?


                        We focused more on pro play, more so than pub play

                        We may do something more pub related at the end of this patch


                          Ya my favorite suports <3


                            I still like ET, but i guess he fell off for some reason, he is great vs all the agi carries

                            DOIN UR MOM DOIN DOIN UR MOM

                              Currently the Enchanted Mango has but a 40.93% win rate. Please help. It is our duty as fellow gamers to give this magnificent item the glory it deserves.


                                Currently, the Enchanted Mango has but a 40.93% win rate. Please help. It is our duty as fellow gamers to give this magnificent item the glory it deserves.


                                  Warlock is an big horror in current patch as 5th position, once he got his midas soon he will get the aghs or maybe the game already end bc his fatal bonds so damn stronk

                                  Napoleon Born To Party

                                    omni still the best for me


                                      Very Done )) Very Done


                                        they dont mention heros for NOOBS :(


                                          I hate playing warlock... OGRE and SD are fun, IO and Oracle are boring to play but they are great supports.

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                                            It is a strange thing to say that warlock is good as a 5th position support.He is extremely greedy and buying midas delays many items your team needs desperately, such as wards, dust of appearance of some heal etc.I suggest it is letter to call him 4th position since when one is free of these expences he can allow himself a Midas purchase.

                                            EX Bitch

                                              lion best sup 4 me


                                                No earth spirit? Chinese picks him often, and bring him back to fame...

                                                Thunder Warrior

                                                  Make an article predicting 6.89 changes :|


                                                    Ogre magi has a base regen of 4.19 and armor of 8 at level one.. You didn't take his strength and agility at level 1 for calculation.

                                                    Hand Thing

                                                      Shadow demon is the best i think. Coz he can save people and flexible you know


                                                        add toggle button to io balls!! doesnt need 3 keys to work!!

                                                        Green Days

                                                          Greentoa spam/copypasta has returned.


                                                            oracle is not a support, he is a carry, 1.4 BAT+nuks+epic ultimate made him great damage dealer.
                                                            Mjolnir+skadi+tarrasque = easy win


                                                              Ogre top )

                                                              RADA   rada

                                                                Actually ogre has 4.12 regen, 8 armor and 660HP at level 1

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                                                                can't nerf the girth

                                                                  hey sorry but there should be a comma between worse and boots in ogre magi's section

                                                                  Dr Bee, BZZ

                                                                    I like seeing some WD coming back to pro teams as a semi-counter pick to Warlock. Same with Treant Protector run by Wings against EG's veno pickup. 1 hit punch veno wards.


                                                                      Thats totally true about Io communication... thats why its low winrate.

                                                                      Oracle with his purifying flames is like a God in an early game.

                                                                      And Ogre being able to stun, slow, buff and being a tank support make him awesome!


                                                                        Nice for supports!
                                                                        Time to try some of the ideas mentioned above......

                                                                        BOBBY TARANTINO

                                                                          omni support dominate SEA


                                                                            I like this blog but it should have included bane & kunka which are being picked in pro sences too :)
                                                                            Overall a good blog. Ty


                                                                              OGRE is the best right now , i have a 19-game win streak with it


                                                                                A N A L A Y Z I N G B O Y S

                                                                                Mr. Sandman

                                                                                  Smartasses Omni is played as an offlaner. By pros atleast

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                                                                                    Wisp №1


                                                                                      Dazzle №1

                                                                                      Гречневая Фея

                                                                                        This patch doesn't have weak hero? doom is crying.....


                                                                                          КУ пачаны


                                                                                            Are you going to correct the typo in the header? AnalAyzing?

                                                                                            рэпер лицо


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