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    took me 100 years to finally get here shit and my first 3 game in this bracket got stomped lol, is this really that hard in this bracket? tips please


      Well ancient is same as legend full of toxic people, i'd say just have fun and not care too much and have PMA and hope to get out of ancient to divine which is a bit better but still toxic :)


        This is the most challenging bracket of all(for me); here you'll find out if you can still reach Divine or not. If you get through this while carrying the game yourself, reaching the Divine-Immortal rank will be a breeze for you.


          I think I won't be ranking up anytime sooner, Tinker is dead bro.


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              why so toxic


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                @Diway congrats.

                ⎛⎝ DFBROO ⎠⎞

                  Good job


                    I don't think there is a specific amount of MMR where things really drastically change. The change that happens is due to the Match Maker. The Match Maker is trying to balance your games to 50% win rate. Basically trying to force you to lose from time to time.

                    And gaining even some MMR during a short period of time will eventually trigger the Match Maker to throw you in the "Among Us" player pool where people are trying to figure whose fault this loss at 3 minutes is rather than actually trying to play and win the game. This is why after you gain a new rank, you usually end up in this "pool" and will lose several games in a row. To take you back closer to the "50%" winrate for some period of time.

                    Basically the System is trying to keep your MMR static and climbing is not looked at very fondly... And there are no good ways to force this 50% and it tends to get "heavy handed" due to the fact that there are Smurfs that just keep on winning games no matter what pool they are in.

                    Its the game, not a specific rank you get to...