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    Good Afternoon peeps,

    I used to play Dota 2 a hell of a lot over 5 years ago, and I was a very toxic player and now I admit my mistakes back then, I was awful and it is a very decent punishment that my score is still very low, but I've grown a lot in the 5 years that have passed and I no longer get angry or use hateful words in games, but I do wish to be able to voice communicate to my teammates in Dota 2 again, and maybe get out of the LP shadow pool thing.

    I just want to confirm that getting commendations is the only way to get the score up, is there any other useful information that I should know?

    much appreciated



      just keep playing and be nice i think and ask for commend


        I went from 5k score to 7.6k in a month by spamming wins. You can see my profile I just started playing this March and now I have 7.6K behaviour score. Sadly the only obvious thing I realized is that commends are the only "fastest" way of increasing the score.

        When I played badly (March to early April) or as an ordinary support (because my last match was years ago, need to adapt), I rarely got commendations, and the next behavior report, the score didn't change. Plus if you "type" something in your chat, you will trigger another player to blame you (yes it's SEA), it's increasing the chance of them reporting you, so be quiet for the entire game, don't even think trying to calm your raged teammate also, it's gonna get worse.

        Then, in April I started getting used to Dota again, I began spamming my signature heroes (meepo, kunkka, invoker, you can see my profile) and wins. There I still not typing anything usually until I'm sure I win, quick chat is fine, as long as it's harmless (get back, push, thanks).

        Then wins started to arise, I commend everyone in a match that I think I'm comfortable with (nice supports, everyone played their role, comeback), and then mostly they will commend you back.

        In a pre-match highlight, I see my commend reach more than 15 in the previous 15 matches which is pretty high for me since I usually saw another player's commends are under 15, even 10.

        The impact is huge after that, from 7k to 7.6k in a reporting period, better than staying on 5k while doing my best as a support. Hopefully I can reach 8k soon so that I can use voice chat to coordinate better with my team :)

        I'm Guardian btw. Went from Herald 5 in March.


          im 3k conduct last year, i just play and play no toxicity no chat, every 25 games u gain either 500 or 1k conduct without reported


            never went below perfect behaviour, never even had LP on this account. Still having griefers regurarly