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Bad with kunnka, why? in General Discussion
out of fucking herald

    How to have full impact on hero with pos 3-4 or even 5?


      he is best as pos 2, the hero needs a good amount of farm. I wouldn't play him as support, but he can work as pos 3. Look at some replays from DM, the offlaner for Virtus Pro. He plays Kunnka sometimes




          Not sure why he's branded as a support hero along with naga siren. Personally they can't support for shit but that could just be me. They don't seem to have the ability to do a variety of roles unlike characters like Wraith King and especially Abaddon.

          Slim Shady

            Unkowndeath2001 has cancer


              wtf why would you play kunkka as support? lul

              Abelman, Des

                I don't know why people are saying you can't support kunkka - especially in guardian you can play fucking AM support (I am in GII I played Slark position 4 and won easily lmao).

                I have a build on Dota 2 for kunkka support, you just take torrent level 1, then max your X then Torrent, then legendary blade. You might consider getting a point in legendary blade to farm at lower ranks. I generally just build to go spell caster, aether lens, octarine, aghs that sort of stuff. His shard is also REALLY good (face away from opponent to drag them to you).

                He has great base stats (movement speed, HP, damage). Great disable prior to BKB/uls, can scale well etc. - here's a game I played. After playing support kunkka I think taking the damage at level 10 talent and the strength is way better especially if you want to take a value point in legendary blade. You could probably start pushing waves really well this way.

                AD.GokU™ |

                  Reliable stun-check
                  Ability to soak dmg-check
                  Ability to reposition core-check
                  Ability to reposition enemies for 1400 gold-check
                  AoE disable-check
                  Ability to buff team-check


                    kunkka is best as a 2, anything else is a waste of potential

                    support naga is terrifying tho