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General DiscussionWhat has been your worst experiance in dota 2?

What has been your worst experiance in dota 2? in General Discussion
Mad Neila

    Whats the worst that has ever happened in this game ?


      Winning or losing 1.5+ hour game 4v5, games like that never worth it IMHO, and when game is so long even worst toxics/ruiners just keeping silent and start to play this game without screaming how trash this game/his team/*enemy hero that can def 1v5 solo* with thoughts like "end this game pls"
      I still regret that I pressed "find match" this day


        playing against smurf/with account buyers


          It will always be, I hope for everyone, losing games that you could of won to unforeseen circumstances like disconnects, internet going out, mouse going out during a crucial team fight when you're already like 40 mins in.


            pooping while playing Dota :laugh:


              By far the hidden pool. Also degenerates sexually harassing minors on the mic once or twice. Also my own self, dunno why I play a team-based game when I'm the antithesis of teamplay.


                Playing against Techies. Most broken shit I know


                  Being 49.8% winrate for 10 years, playing 100 hours a week, losing with the same 50 people after winning a few times with different people, who pick sniper offlane, morphling offlane, oracle mid, no rotations, no tower defense, feeding 1 by 1, afk farming creeps until losing, i've lost 1/3 of my life to dota's matchmaking and punishment systems, but i get 2/3 back by quitting now

                  an easy to understand example is, last night, hopefully finally have given up on my stubbornness and will not go back to "ranked mode" without having normal behavior score, and by normal i mean 10,000. a 6k person told me 4.5 years ago that i would not be able to gain "rating" and "climb the ladder" without having normal behavior score first. so he said to gain mmr, you have to first "grind" behavior score to normal preferably in turbo, but i don't like turbo so unranked mode is just fine too. then, you play your best 2-3 heroes and role(s) and voila.

                  after 13000 hours, doing everything except the above has resulted in a loss of 40,000 hours in this game, net if the end result is ultimately quitting.

                  so after losing 30-40 games with the same people ive been losing with for many years, for the same reasons, gave up turned ranked mode off and went to unranked, simply because i concluded if these people are wasting their lives away in this "ranked" lobby, they wouldn't be in other lobbies.

                  and there was an abaddon in this unranked game. and i recall playing cm, and getting mist coiled and shielded when my puny health dropped to half or worse, without having to ask or worry about it, allowing me to play my game and the experience more enjoyable. and i immediately informed him that i couldn't recall being healed by an abaddon the dozens of times i played with one in "ranked mode"

                  i told him about how every time i played with an abaddon in ranked mode, for as long as i can remember, years most likely, i would prey to God and Jesus and be miserable preying and waiting for my teammate to do a behavior that is helpful, as a teammate, instead, all the abaddons i played with in "ranked mode" would split psh and afk farm jungle, intentionanlly; ignoring every single fight and by consequence wouldn't heal their teammates because they were never there

                  i'm done with dota soon unless this unranked experience miraculously undoes all the horrible memories ive acquired over the years playing this game. the "ranked" game before finally turning it off and playing the unranked one, there was no mid. the mid role picked an oracle, and didn't even go to mid lane. literally, the second to last match i played, "ranked mode," there was LITERALLY no mid, not only the pick was a support the person physically didn't go to mid lane, he went to bot lane where i was supposed to be as hard support. so i just refused to play and decided to never play this version of dota again, assuming there is a normal one out there

                  like, im 32 years old, going on 33, having spent all my thought on climbing the dota ladder to produce high quality dota streams. instead, im thinking about how to win dota games by myself, playing carry and support and offlane in one, and usually losing anyway because it's probably impossible to win by yourself against 5 people who at the very least have the fundamentals down

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                    ^ you are too harsh on yourself , yolo don't waste it on this game;btw I hope you will be satisfied some day with your life.

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                      I quit cigarettes, addictive drugs, and online gambling. DOTA 2 is the last thing that's taking away from any future I could still have, even after all the abuse.

                      Although I think this could be the end of the line finally, and will celebrate by relapsing on the drug once more.

                      If I stopped the above I should be able to stop playing a video game, especially one that's rigged in the worse ways, honestly I felt blackjack and poker were more fair in a casino than this diarrhea.

                      Imagine programming and maths being used to rig matchmaking in a 5v5 brawler game, and segregating mentally challenged behavior into one bag of players and forcing them to play with each for evidently years.

                      I saw people I recognize from when i was in my mid twenties circa 2015 that I hated because of losing with them over and over again for the same reasons.

                      I'm unsatisfied with my life because i spent 1/3 of it trying to be good at a video game that has no extension to reality or has anything real to gain from. If I stop now before it's too late, i get to live the other 2/3 in peace.

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                        ^yeah you should commit swiss side