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General Discussioni cant connect to any game

i cant connect to any game in General Discussion

    and im not getting time ban either
    wtf? i dont have many friends but 2 of them playing dota rn

    Dirty FeeDeR

      It happend to me today

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      cold rune

        add -map dota in options


          how can it be same
          it was vpn problem
          i cant connect to games with vpn on, seems it didnt shut down completely , i turned it on and off again and its ok now

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            problem still there.. dont have vnp or firewall blocking the game.. what to do?


              maybe it wasnt vpn problem then
              i just couldnt connect to 3 games after accepting, then i restart game still same shit. i connect to vpn and disconnect and finally after restarting dota i could play the game i like with 9 fine human beings for 1 game and giving up on it for a day

              my next step was restarting windows, maybe that works for u.

              Beast of no Nation

                Had the Same Problem. Not queuing for EU West worked for me. Probably some Server problems


                  now gaben "confirming match" for minutes
                  very cool

                  Chicken chit

                    u will reported for all the shit you've done!