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General DiscussionSomeone explain why this account have VHS matches

Someone explain why this account have VHS matches in General Discussion

    Explain to met why this account got VHS but his kda is lower than me


      I don't understand this game


        The game uses MMR of your ranked account on your new smurfs, so if u your MMR is above 4k u usually get VHS on first game and don't lose it.

        DOG 3

          you have to buy dota plus on a new acc to get VHS


            Is my new account can get VHS too? with this kda?


              @YOUNG KID i don't understand can u explain it further :(




                  Theres a lot of factor to determines MMR such as key pressed per minute, how active you are on the map, team fight presence, etc. These are not something that you can see on your scoreboard. So if you're actually a decent player, you will get to VHS without even trying. Otherwise, if you're actuall a bad player accidently getting High skill bracket, you will go back to where you belong in no time.


                    @Hayley so should i pick skill spamming heroes? and map active heroes like lycan?


                      this acc got the same IP as my Ancient 3 acc ( i reg it after playing a game on the An 3 acc)
                      so despite me practicing offlane heroes ( bad kda) i still got every game as VHS.
                      so ez tips, borrow or buy an Ancient acc and reg like 100 accs after playing 1 game on it.
                      I know it sounds dogshit, but it's valve for ya


                        i got legend 4 on my new account


                          @GotMatched can u give me that account so i can calibrate at very high skill

                          < blank >

                            when you make new acc i advce that you choose >ive played dota 2< so you can have very high skill in first match :) Thats what i always do its my 7th acc LOL im 8.3k mmr selling acc all time for my mom tho ROFL


                              @K i chose it but why it is still at high skill only maybe @Gotmatched have the correct reason why he got very high skill on his first games in his new account


                                You have 48% wr in HS bracket. What do you think will happen in VHS bracket? You would have below 30% wr.
                                Stop asking so retarded questions


                                  @blaa im not askin a question i just want you high mmr players to explain why they get VHS bracket not asking a retarted question. :)


                                    Why they get ? Cuz obviously they have high wr and kda in ns and hs. Its simple.


                                      can someone tell me why i often get to vhs bracket then go back to high skill

                                      cannot find match

                                        whats wrong with 4 kda is my brain too small for this thread