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Magnus Bane

    Hello! I am currently around 4.9k mid player and I am looking for immortal players (who dont really care about their mmr, smurfs or secondary accounts, please no legend or ancient acc buyers) to party queue with. My goal is to get to see with my own eyes the way they play and see how the game feels while playing against players a whole level above me.

    I have worked my way up from 1.6k in the last couple of years and my friend list now mostlyconsists of crusaders and guardians. It would be wonderful if you also play the same midlane heroes as me (arc, kunkka, viper, tinker, ursa, huskar --- cheesy, i know) as my purpose is to become a better player. I am obviously open to all constructive criticism, though most of the work will be done by me alone by watching and re-watching the replay afterwards.

    Again, i am not asking for any sort of free boosting, coaching or vod analysis, i just want to tryhard in a bracket higher than mine, as in the last months i have learnt a lot of advanced concepts and changed the way i see the game; i just want to learn how to apply them, and i feel like seeing them applied in my own games by better players will be the best way.

    If you dont want to play with me thats fine (though still add me please :D ), i am open to any replays which you feel like i can learn something from or from which you learned something (prefferably my heroes, and point out what to look for; its easy to go on auto watching and ignore the small details)

    My player id is 177117531.

    P.S.: I am also willing to do this for players lower than me who have an improving-driven mentality, though the only restriction would be mid only mechanics (as i havent played any other roles in the last 2 years). I suppose i can also give my opinion on other roles, as it is very satisfying to flame others :))))

    || This is my first post on dota buff, hopefully i will get a positive response. Thank you very much for the time spent reading this. :) gl hf ||

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      it might blow your mind but every time u lose you experience how it feels to play against players above you :)
      specially when u play last pick middle

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        👂Listen. If you're better player than your current bracket you'll easily increase it. If not your mmr will cycle +-1k

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        AD.GokU™ |

          i am not asking for any sort of free boosting,

          I am looking for immortal players (who dont really care about their mmr, smurfs or secondary accounts, please no legend or ancient acc buyers) to party queue with.

          Technically you are asking for free boosting service.

          If you really want to improve, just watch your own replays and compare them with millions of gameplay guides on youtube.


            You can't learn how to fly without know how to jump/run. Like GoKu said, you can only improve by looking back your own replays and all resources available on YouTube.
            Personally, with my hours of gaming in dota and since dota1 (16 years of dota), my "internal thought" concluded I can't go further more than my current bracket (after several mmr reset and recent reset), with a lot a lot of old bad habits I still not able to change. When you actually calibrated to be at divine 1-3 for few times. Is sad to say but is true, you still belongs to that bracket. Imho, every player should somehow know their weakness in playing this game (or you don't admit), you won't improve yourself by playing on higher bracket, you only get your ass kicked and when you in SEA server like me, a lot blaming is happening and it only bring you more negative energy. Get to know what you need in game play, play more and fix your "bad habit" in the game and eventually you will get better. glhf!


              Lol just watch bsj you will become immortal yourself.


                Good luck getting Queen Elizabeth II to be your friend

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