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General DiscussionSurvey for Dota 2 players, 5$ for each

Survey for Dota 2 players, 5$ for each in General Discussion
gg wp

    I represent a young startup and we are looking dota players to conduct a poll in voice format.

    1 call = 15 min

    We encourage all participants $

    Must have:

    -1000+ hrs in dota
    -discord user

    we will pay 5$ for each survey on paypal or by amazon gift card. feel free to contact me

    If it's ok for you - please DM me in discord tank#8493.

    Have a nice day!




        Hi I am interested, can you send me the process to which


          The guy literally said it.

          gg wp

            add to my discrord please and we will choose time and date

            gg wp

              Also we can buy dotabuff premium for you guys for 1 month if you want

              Ayaneru   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                Thank you for the $5.

                gg wp

                  Everyone who wants to participate - add me in discord tank#8493, I'll give you details


                    i like free shits im in


                      Thanks for the Joe Rogan experience agent Dimitri.

                      gg wp


                        卍pudge king卍

                          Me please I'm pro


                            Do we add you as friends on discord or is there another way to DM you than that?

                            gg wp

                              yes, all you need to add me in discord. I will accept all requests


                                MEee Please il lasnwer it honestly


                                  Op is a genuine person planning to build a good startup for this community n friends , keep it up man Dura..

                                  gg wp

                                    we have finished the survey. thanks to all participants!


                                      I`m still waiting for payment... after so many positive responses I didn`t expect to not recieve it.


                                        edit: yesterday I got it.

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                                          Amazon giftcard didnt work tho


                                            What was the survey about? General things?