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General Discussionimagine having 26% winrate on dire side

imagine having 26% winrate on dire side in General Discussion
game is not over until i ...

    i really cant play on dire side, im not blaming gaben but my trolling mode is on whenever im on dire.


      high bias with that number of match


        You must be wondering why I'm not top 1 immortal yet, it's because the site I linked is totally bullshit sadge my life never get out of legend.


          Well I’m 58% winrate on radiant and 48% on dire
          It’s so weird


            "so shiny and so peaceful like it's our home and we will feel comfortable in there, birds are singing flowers are blooming"
            this verse was god KEKW
            ur topic was great I don't know why it was closed!
            I was goin to say the same thing actually.. when I'm on Dire I feel like I am in enemy's side and I always feel a bit in danger


              I got bullied by the guy named Coco, so I feeling down and decided to stop investing time on that research.

              Coco is a professional Dota 2 player. At the age of 4 when teachers asked her student what would they want to be in the future? Most people answer with either classic answer doctor, nurse, president, chef, whorre, memer. But Coco is the one different, he answered with "I want to go to this guy's thread and insult him with his pseudo scientific research and make him feel down" after that the teacher was in shock, not because the answer is abnormal, but because Coco answered this question while sucking his own cock in class.

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                Dang i got 54% radiant 49% dire. As a support player, I usually prefer dire because all the neutral camps are easier to stack. I guess thats not enough :P


                  Yea i have 48 percent wr in dire side and 58 in radiant side