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General Discussiondota 2 players does your hands get cold when playing?

dota 2 players does your hands get cold when playing? in General Discussion

    Does your hands gets cold when playing video games or dota in general?


      My hands get cold if the temperature in my room is cold


        Try having ventilation directly to your hands


          This question is very offensive to people with no hands.


            when i was living in different house when my room was cold yes

            but now i live in smaller warmer apartment i don't have that kind of issue


              A good tip is to do big movements with your body to fix this issue.
              most people with cold hand move their hands to get them warm its better to get your blood flowing by moving your body creating circulations! =)

              royal jelly

                No, i wear gloves


                  I'm 100% for your opinion @Sir. And my father says the same thing. I need to either train often or warm up often so my blood circulation flows better and my hands don't get cold. I played 2 games yesterday and my hands were cold af.
                  As for the rest my room is enough warm to feel good. The only thing I'm missing is movements.
                  I thought of playing with gloves during winter but I think I'll play worse

                  Pale Mannie

                    try excercising a bit. this gets my hands and feet warm again


                      try jerking off before game.. it makes ur hand sweet like hell and you'll ply better!


                        My hands are frequently cold, even when my body is hot. I had one of those envavo heatbuff hand warmers. I used it for both work and dota. It worked well for a year till the power supply melted the back and it caught fire in the middle of a dota game :'D


                          Well i dont know why its happening to me. Either my setup is cold a.k.a. keyboard, mouse or im not moving around.


                            My hands are always cold... that is, I think I still have hands...

                            DICKO MODE.mp4

                              That's a really big minus to me when playing dotes. My skill level is reduced by a good 500 to 1k mmr when my hands are cold :axe_laugh: