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my smurf banned 1 year in General Discussion

    holy shit, i just spamming lycan to make it 3k and practice heroes. wtf


      problem is, that was my real life friend account that i borrowed to practice
      wth should i do


        why do you ask us? ask your friend...

        replacing his acc should go without saying


          i mean is there anyway to unban it? or its not worth the try?

          anyway wth should i do? where can i practice heroes if smurfing is not acceptable anymore


            Ever heard of normal turbo/all pick games?

            selen simp



                The ban is for account sharing I would guess


                  are u being toxic while smurfing?
                  blatatantly saying "hey this isn't my real acc, f u nub ancient shit, my real rank so high" or similar kind?
                  blatantly making extreme scores consecutively (having more than 30 kill in a lot of games)?

                  usually all of those making it easier for enemies to report you for being a 'booster' and make icefrog easily marked you


                    Ever heard of normal turbo/all pick games?

                    u know, if i pick meepo on my main i will get perma banned after reports i get :)
                    but well brainless community :)


                      @The Komeijis

                      i dont know, i just play lycan and win 87% on my profile, ending games in <25 min, i dont need to kill enemies 30 times.
                      but yeah i got a lot of com abuse from enemy

                      Yami Yugi

                        Woah dude, you might be toxic....


                          account sharer getting what he deserves. tell your friend it's his fault for letting you use the account.


                            ^Shit is in the pants so starts blaming

                            Why is account sharing forbidden? Isn't there a lot of internet coffees which share account for visitors

                            Fuka suginai o nīchan

                              Just dont play lycan and smurf LuL


                                well, i dont know about account sharing tho. he wasnt playing ranked at all himself. he just plays turbo some times for fun.

                                Woah dude, you might be toxic....

                                u got me, now plz go get someone else mr 600 IQ.


                                  @kowareta offtopic. Is aghs really that bad on lycan?


                                    Honestly using a smurf account to 'practice a hero' is brainless. Just play unranked, then you can actually gain something from playing the hero against people at your level.


                                      ^dude i literally told u, ppl even reporting on turbo games for bad plays. specially the midlaner. if i practice meepo on my main, i will fuck my behavior score and getting banned non-stop. i rather try it on 1k lower mmr than my main.

                                      yeah, i thought it was good but really its useless. the ult buff is what makes lycan good not the aghs.


                                        Valve didnt ban people for just smurfing.

                                        If you're banned for 1 year, you must already know what you did wrong. 1 year ban isnt something that valve do accidentally/randomly.


                                          ^can u give me some insights about what is the possible things i did that i got banned? cause i have no idea mr smart ass.


                                            account sharing, a bannable offence.

                                            why is this still a discussion?


                                              You're so stupid dude, maybe try emailing valve support about the issue? Instead of asking some random people who doesnt even know which account you're talking about. What a brainless ape.

                                              BOMBERMAN TECHIES !!

                                                Move along people...Nothing of value has been lost here...

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                                                    he cant email valve because account sharing is against valve rules so there is no way valve will unban


                                                      Account sharing isn't allowed, so I don't see why they'd show any lenience on the ban.

                                                      And come on Kow, considering your attitude on this forum, are you really surprised that people automatically assume you're being toxic? You also seem to assume that playing poorly will automatically get your behavior score lowered. Considering how 70%+ of your posts on here involve condescending others, I have to assume that in the games you play poorly and people start ragging on you, you probably respond in a condescending manner that pisses off others.

                                                      If you just genuinely apologize for doing poorly and say that you're practicing and don't start arguing back, 80%+ of players will just drop it as there's no point in further antagonizing you- they're not getting the reaction they were looking for. Or, just mute them, without saying anything shitty beforehand.


                                                        well what account sharing means tho? he just played turbo on his account, and after i borrowed it im the only one playing on it.
                                                        its like what is the difference with my other smurfs when the only guy playing on it is me!

                                                        i never claimed im not toxic. wtf. but its irrelevant. decreasing behavior score to 1k, getting 6month ban alert is totally sth else from what im saying here. i didnt got any alert. that smurf has higher behavior score than my main!

                                                        and plz stop this "beautiful world" bullshit. we all know what exactly this community is.
                                                        im getting reports in a turbo game when i just play the game and i have chat all muted. why? becaues i picked mid(or any other lane) LD and LD sucks.
                                                        where can i play hero i like? tell me? should i w8 for patch they buff it? what can i do?

                                                        this is just so retarded. 9 games i pick lycan mid, my team giving me 4 commends because i win the game. 1 game i fail, we lose , i get reported and my behavior going down :)) fair enough.

                                                        u can check my commend rate on my profile :)


                                                          i emailed valve yesterday before making this thread obviously (but some smartass ppl like to tip others obvious stuff) and i found out today account banned because of boosting mmr (!!!)

                                                          anyway it seems its just banned from ranked matchmaking, so there is no problem for my friend (he just plays turbo)

                                                          but still my problem stays, where can i practice meepo? smileyface
                                                          even unranked with saying practicing wont WORK.
                                                          i made new account to practice brood/meepo etc. u cant get middle. im telling my team im practicing, they just dont care. bunch of archon dogs looking to get vhs. u cant play mid!


                                                            I had mid as Treant and WK before MM update @solo ranked games. Was fun games and I think we won almost every game


                                                              So it’s just banned from ranked? It can still play unranked and turbo?




                                                                  "Beautiful world bullshit" lmao.

                                                                  I like how you're so used to being an asshole that you think that me saying "try not being such a dick" is preaching some hippy all-loving shit.

                                                                  How come my behavior score never dropped below 9k? I still shit talk, not every game or constantly, but I'm certainly no saint.

                                                                  "even unranked with saying practicing wont WORK."

                                                                  You're clearly either lying or delusional about the idea that simply playing a role you're not used to in normals impacts your behavior score. The simplest conclusion that you lash out at who calls you out, and that's what gets you in trouble.

                                                                  But you're not here for solutions clearly- as you're unwilling to listen to anyone else.


                                                                    u already know the answer, and still ask here. u deserve to got that banned.

                                                                    just brainless ppl who say want to practice but play ranked using others ppl account, then asking like idiot why he got banned.

                                                                    create a new account is free and didn't need to queue ranked match just for practicing new hero, stupid fake highrank

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                                                                      Glad to see the system is working!


                                                                        well, i already told u man.
                                                                        yeah, mr dominic and others. i lied. i didnt made new account to practice brood. i didnt asked my team to let me mid cause im practicing. my teammate didnt picked tiny to toss me after he rolled and won the roll.

                                                                        but yeah, its fine. im delusional, liar and very stupid
                                                                        im just afraid 22 years of my life is against it but its fine i guess.


                                                                          You may very well be telling the truth Kow, maybe you are just unlucky and have tons of toxic animals in your games ruining it for you so you can't practice.

                                                                          ...But you came here looking for sympathy- you won't find any. Everyone on here effectively hates you due to your attitude towards others in the vast majority of your posts.

                                                                          You reap what you sow.


                                                                            sympathy :axe_laugh: :axe_laugh:
                                                                            sry im not going to reply anymore here, i dont wanna be that kinda guy who dont reply but this is what it is. i cant take it anymore.
                                                                            have fun and good luck all of u


                                                                              ^again those crying Axes! Kowareta pls stop making Axe to cry


                                                                                good riddance

                                                                                Yami Yugi

                                                                                  lol I get laughed at, you know what? Oh dear :))

                                                                                  He tried to post into community with middle finger(s) pointed at them, he is so dead XD


                                                                                    no ss


                                                                                      How valve detect "Account Sharing" thing? Damn, i'm being anxious now


                                                                                        Me too, AFAIk the best way to be safe is to use a VPN with location set to where the normal owner usually plays.
                                                                                        Would be nice if someone who actually knew would tell us how to be safe but i doubt it.


                                                                                          Actually it’s so easy for them to detect account sharing, but they can’t just ban people, and + it’s so much wasting of resources just to detect illegal activities. That’s why they give mass bans couple times a year. That’s my thinking I might be wrong


                                                                                            I think they just do a handful of bans on exploiters once in a awhile to appease the players that blame smurfs for being stuck in low MMR


                                                                                              the 53 minute queue is me. once ur bh dips under like 6k it because very hard to find a match lmao

                                                                                              stan hoshimachi

                                                                                                illya is best girl

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