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General DiscussionWhat is the MMR of the Divine rank?

What is the MMR of the Divine rank? in General Discussion

    I got Ancient 7 after I reached ~4300 and there were no % to become Divine. Even after I won several games there is still no %.
    How much MMR is an average Divine 1 player?


      % doesn't kick in until you're like 4 matches away from the next rank.

      Divine 1 is supposed to be like 4.6k-5k.

      I calibrated at ancient 7 on a new account (max calibration) and had 5k MMR and got Divine 1 the next game.

      Now im like 5.4k and im divine 4.

      Pretty sure medals don't care that much about MMR anymore and it's how you perform in the games (dmg, last hits, etc.)

      You can be high divine and not have the 'medal mmr'

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        Ancient 7 - Divine 1 is a big gap, a factor there is that the MMR medals take your party rank into account before Divine. I've seen plenty of people with Ancient 7 medals due to a much higher party rank, while their solo ranking is in Legend.

        If you look at a holistic ranking chart in DotA, you'll notice the population of Ancient 7 ranked players is unusually large, larger than the other brackets of Ancient and suddenly there's a huge drop off in players at Divine 1. This is because party MMR can only influence your medal up to Ancient 7, beyond that you need to influence it with solo MMR.

        I think Open AI Anti-Smurf is also right, the MMR system seems quite flexible and takes more than just your W-L ratio into account. The reported discrepancy in actual MMR vs displayed medal can be quite large.

        For my personal anecdote, my part MMR is low at around 3.4-3.5k. I hit Ancient 7 at 4.2k solo. I'm finally seeing a % for approaching Divine 1 at about 4.5k MMR. Take that as you will.

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              Div 1 is 4580.
              Open ai smurf does Not have 5.4k mmr and matchmaking doesnt care about win Lose.


                Thanks for replies


                  Divine is 4.6k and party does not effect it.

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