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General DiscussionHow many hours of sleep do you get at night

How many hours of sleep do you get at night in General Discussion

    I like to get at least 10 tbh

    Nep's twin sister

      9 or 10 for me

      Jack Attack

        Usually 7 but 10 is ideal.


          3-4 hours

          avenger #hippohype

            10+ and it's awful

            sometimes i sleep for like 13 hours after being awake for too long and that gets me tired even more
            then it's about finding a compromise between being tired and having awful headache
            also getting up during that is more and more difficult each time i fall asleep and wake up again


              around 4-5


                sometimes 6 tho

                Jack Attack

                  All the blue stars get no sleep cuz too busy playing dota lololol


                    8 is good


                      5 6 Is normal

                      Pale Mannie

                        4-8(rarely) on workdays
                        10+ on free days
                        this sucks


                          6-8 Ideally


                            6-7 during week days
                            8-9 during weekend
                            9-10 during winter holidays
                            8 during summer holidays

                            On top of that
                            I'm a techies spammer


                              5-6 hrs a day.
                              How come someone managed to sleep 10hours and wake up without any headache??

                              There's a snake in my ass

                                Pretty much 6 a day, I normally feel a bit tired so I want to try and get 6-7 a day, but if I sleep more than 8 hours I normally feel worse.

                                Plus I have a full time job, gf and a relatively time consuming Dota career.




                                    slept 8 tonight, however when im tired i prefer to sleep 10 to 14 hours, however thats maybe due to my job being taxing on my sleep schedule.


                                      6-12h it depends xD

                                      Story Time

                                        12 hours during ccalibration, 10 when low rank and 6 after getting a smurf

                                        (if you know what i mean)

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                                        avenger #hippohype

                                          >people keep falling for the gf meme in 201x

                                          dead 

                                            6 hours a day is pretty much what you need and more than 8 is bad i think.


                                              I mean apparently sleeping more than required makes you more tired XD


                                                7-9 hours of sleep is required for the adult body to function properly (below that is unhealthy). however it depends on person and on how tired you are. Personally, if i dont sleep for 36 hours, im sleeping for at least 12.

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                                                  максимум 2

                                                  Deeply Offended

                                                    Between 6 to 9. Ideally I want 8, but I work shifts in the airforce so having a regular sleep cycle is impossible for me.


                                                      sleep is for the weak..but im weak so i sleep 4-5 hrs..xD

                                                      Ayase ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                                                        Everytime I set my alarm, it always "5hrs and 30mins before alarm."


                                                        Ashes. John W33k.

                                                          @op - what about you? What made you make this thread?

                                                          He who knows does not speak

                                                            My sleeping schedule is pretty bad lately because of my new full time job where I get off at 12. And I also started a 30 day trig class, I was up for 2 days the other day fitting in my homework. I like to get 8 hours, but it seems like being busy makes me more tolerant to sleepiness! I wasn't that tired when I was up for 2 days studying and working, unfortunately I took a "1 hour nap" and fell asleep for 12 hours, but I was lucky that my professor was 30 minutes late ahaha. Otherwise I would have been.

                                                            8 hours is nice, but 5 to 6 is definitely doable. You'll have to take a nap in a few days to make up for it, but I don't feel like trash anymore with that amount.


                                                              Everyone: I sleep for x hours
                                                              eXcel: I have a gf a job and dota career

                                                              kid is gone

                                                                i try to get at least 8 or at the very least 7 hours of sleep no matter what, if i have a free day i usually sleep for 9 hours, but anything more than 10 is a disaster.

                                                                glad i didn't fall for the "sleep for 5-6 hours regularly and just compensate with coffee to get more time" (((lifehack))), living like that must be a total meme

                                                                He who knows does not speak

                                                                  If I wasn't required to master trig in 30 days, I'd be sleeping 8 hours. But for now, I'm scared to sleep more lol

                                                                  You're right, it's not ok... but I fucked up at the beginning and learned some more lessons in being a better student. I'll have to integrate and apply them for spring semester so I can sleep good.


                                                                    7.176 hours on average


                                                                      Everyone: I sleep for x hours
                                                                      eXcel: I have a gf a job and dota career
                                                                      Probably means he doesnt have either :P


                                                                        i hit the hay all day m0ther fucker. 24 hour sleep cycle. if you awake you a fake. its bed time b1tch


                                                                          ^You type in ur sleep?



                                                                            sunt zeu

                                                                              sometimes 12
                                                                              sometimes 8
                                                                              sometimes 4

                                                                              its tough out here u hear

                                                                              Abe Lincoln is sexy.

                                                                                between 0 and 9 everyday

                                                                                top of the hold 'em totem

                                                                                  exams = 10 because studying exhausts me
                                                                                  all year = 6 hours because gamer time


                                                                                    usually 3-12 hours . I dont like to sleep so i sleep less like 3-4 hours in weekdays. but in weekends i end up sleeping 12+ hours .


                                                                                      0 cause i sleep at day

                                                                                      Adepta Sororitas

                                                                                        8-10 hours for me latest ive stayed up playinh was 11:30pm.

                                                                                        Tu tayta

                                                                                          About 6 hours during workdays. 9-10 during my free days.

                                                                                          I could sleep 8 hours every day if I wanted to, but I get distracted too easily during workdays and I'm too lazy to wake up earlier in my free time.

                                                                                          نجمة دوتة

                                                                                            yeah same^^ 6-7 sunday-thursday 12+ friday saturday


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                                                                                                Ayase ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                                                                                                  8 hours is nice, but 5 to 6 is definitely doable. You'll have to take a nap in a few days to make up for it,

                                                                                                  ..and 3 cups of coffee everyday"


                                                                                                    I feel really shitty if I get anything less than 6-7 hours though, even on my 10 hours sleep I struggle to get out of bed .-.


                                                                                                      Psa if u feel shitty with 6-7 hours of sleep you have sleep apnea


                                                                                                        I dont think so aha, im just a lethargic person