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General DiscussionHow to win when 2 teammates decides to intentionally feed?

How to win when 2 teammates decides to intentionally feed? in General Discussion
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    My boy sven died to neutrals at minute 3, walks down top and feeds, destroys items, then tp mid to feed, goes to mid 4 more times to feed, es got tired so he fed together with him.

    Smh, 5ks are so bad and toxic

    Эта тема была изменена

      Accept the loss and move to the next game? Really nothing you could do at that point.

      Much less toxic past 4K

      Not for SEA servers. 10/10 server, IDK how we produced a Major winner


        You just can't. Just think of the next game instead of baby raging over one retarded game which happens once in a while :-D


          Honestly, best games to practice "playing when you are behind" strats. Some games are just doomed from the start.

          Best thing to do when you get paired up with someone who had a bad day and transits his crappy mood in dota game is not to get spiraled with him and tilt yourself.

          SICKO MODE

            is right


              Tbh is it wrong if i have a similar attitude to the earth spirit player? Xd

              When i play i kinda tryhard and try to give my best into my games even when i'm losing. But when i'm in a game where it's basically unwinnable, i wouldn't even try. I mean when it is really unwinnable, like when your team are losing really hard and your teammate aren't even trying anymore. I wouldn't walk down mid tho. Just wanna play next game real quick.

              SICKO MODE

                just play for fun then


                  buy a shadow amulet or Smoke/TP to enemy jungle and just hit neutrals until your towers come down.
                  Figure out how to end the game as fast as possible.


                    NEVER GIVE UP ,i've won games 3v5

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                      Yeah this just proves that NOT every game is winnable

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                        My suggestion is that valve punish intentional feeding much worse than 5 lp games, give them 48 hour ban and 9 lp games for ruining the game