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    When do you go eye of skadi?
    Getting tankiness on tb jugg and slark is understandable. But do we really go skadi when we have to slow the attack speed and the movement speed of the enemy. If yes, can we have an example, please? Thanks :)


      Mostly illusion based heroes.

      When you need slow, idk.

      It's good for hp and armor too, it's not something you buy often unless you're TB/Dusa so don't stress about it.

      👉👉P O S I T I V I T Y :D

        Jug also builds it alot

        And gyro if the game lasts for too long

        Jacky Mao's Son

          On right click carries that benefit from slowing down people they hit so that they can chase. Slark, TB, Gyro, those kinda people that have no real lockdown but do lots of damage.

          Soul Eater

            I used to rush skadi on shadow fiend, even like just after shadow blade (pre-20min), felt stompy

            carry water

              u buy it on carries when you want to be tanky againsy magic or want to be generally tanky and already have a surplus of physical hp


                It's amazing against cores who build BKBs. Great vs. OD since it also increases your manapool, causing him to hit you less hard.

                carry water

                  the slow is a secondary concern unless you are a high range carry or playing against ursa sven

                  Rubick Fanboy

                    the slow is a primary concern if kiting is rlly needed, but often if thats a problem u can go sny
                    if u already have manta and its going lategame and u need kite then skadi >> sny
                    sniper or mirana go this item too for the kiting reason coupled with their range


                      You don't really decide to buy skadi for the slow. You buy it because of the tankiness.

                      Coach Steve

                        i like skadi on ember because every hero hit with sof gets slowed, even through the bkb/repell

                        Story Time

                          skadi when silencer steals all you intel so you need mana to cast this shitty manta that you bought on 30th minute


                            Thank you everyone. The tips sound good :)


                              i go for skadi on Jugg if against Axe, TB against ES or SVEN and when there is alot of Magical burst damage on enemy line up and your team doesn’t have sustain eg. pipe carrier, magic resistance reduction aura, etc...


                                I mean really, idk why people like to over-complicate itemization

                                the reason for why you go for an item is the same as what the item does - skadi for stats and slow.

                                Do i need stats/slow? maybe? but maybe i need magic immunity more so i get BKB

                                or maybe i need a bkb piercing stun and Tankiness - abyssal

                                Or maybe i just need HP and the ability to go in and out of a fight - HoT

                                The item itself doesn't matter, what matters is the situation and your ability to execute that item to win a fight or push.

                                It's much more important to know how to execute an item than to purchase the correct item.

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                                  Buying blink is usually for blinking into 5 heroes and dying