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    What is the best item for Sven?

    1. Echo Saber or Sange Yasha?

    2. Is Daedalus necessary on Sven?

    3. Is it okay if I sell my Blink's Dagger for Daedalus?

    4. Assault Cuirrass or Heath of Tarras?

    5. Manta Style on Sven?

    Thanks for ur help :)

    Riguma Borusu

      1. Both are good, echo for bursting people down and delaying your stun on targets that cant do shit when you jump on them, SnY for just straight up running around, SnY is pretty good against heroes that have slows, where echo depends more on you initiating to get it off

      2. It really isn't, you can end the game before you get a single damage item, because you build a lot of stats + MoM, but as the game goes, bthorn or daedalus is kind of necesssary

      3. No, if you bought the blink because you need it, you should not be selling it, otherwise, why did you even buy a blink?

      4. AC, if you are thinking about heart, get a satanic, though none of those items are really that great on sven anyways

      5. Are you mentally retarded? Jokes aside, FUCK NO

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      one-man bukkake

        1. echo
        2. not always. Bloodthorn gives you more dps and a nice active.
        3. lol wtf. You never sell blink dagger. is your scape, your reposition tool.
        4. Most games, ac. Good against dis armor strats and other physical carries. Terrasque against burst magical damage, but if thsts the csse get bkb and then you dont really need it.
        5. Dont really know. If you wsnt to dispell stuff you have your bkb. I dont think is really necessary.

        I made a tread about this like a month ago. For further info

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            Thank u very much. It really help me a lot to learn about Sven. I think the guide isn't enough for me.
            I need to learn more and asking to the pro like u guys :D

            Thank u very much!

            chicken spook,,,,

              both good
              ac, satanic is what u want if u need raw sustain

              anyway just check top sven players from opendota ranking and learn from their replays


                I think heart is situational
                Sven is a melee hero so there r games where it's impossible to satanic and actually hit anything to heal
                Heart makes u much harder to be initiated on
                That being said satanic is usually better


                  Thank u very much. I will try it in opendota.

                  Thanks. In some situation, I've been gank by other opponent and I was too thin though I got my Warcry and God's Strength. I was thinking about Assault Cuirrass or maybe Heart of Tarras. But the game was ended too soon before I got one of them.


                    1. Echo Saber or Sange Yasha? echo
                    2. Is Daedalus necessary on Sven? no
                    3. Is it okay if I sell my Blink's Dagger for Daedalus? no
                    4. Assault Cuirrass or Heath of Tarras? depends if u need armor/damage or hp/Regen
                    5. Manta Style on Sven? i wouldnt


                      Never follow the guide!
                      The item build is always situational. The rest are explained by these guys :D