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how to spam one hero ? in General Discussion
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    i see many player have like 500 or 1k game with one hero and he spam it
    and when i try hero just some games and get bored of it !! why ? i can't keep picking it like anyone els ? help plz i know there are many player that spam one two heros

    Mlada i Luda

      there are not many , there are rly few sick people who do that.


        1: Pick a hero
        2: Pick the same hero
        3: Pick that hero again
        4: Go back to 1


          People spam heroes for one of two reasons:
          (1) it's op and/or free mmr
          (2) the hero is really fun and they really enjoy playing it and the playstyle it offers

          Being motivated exclusively by (1) is basically taking out an mmr loan until the hero is balanced and then you drop down to being (n-1)k trash where n is your current mmr.

          (2) is usually what brings most people to like 500+ games and if you are mainly motivated by (2) then (1) can (as in not guaranteed by any means) come as a direct result if you understand the hero and its limits enough to make it look broken regardless of its current state.

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          mosquito net on my feet



              No idea how to Spam boring heros.


                Interesting question.
                I started spamming Lich because of a few reasons:
                1) I got destroyed in many games against a lich and wanted it out of the enemie team
                2) I wanted a support hero with a high winrate to play in case I need a win(like for the wager or quests in the battle pass) as in being able to perform well on one hero when picking it
                3) I really like his presence in all segments of the game and the 120 dmg talent
                4) I got bored of randoming every game

                I might start spamming WR now because I really enjoy playing the hero but the hero has a very high pick rate so I have my doubts with that


                  Lich is my auto ban hero :D fuck him really.


                    What is a hero spam?

                    welcome in fucking herald

                      I explain you that my friend.

                      We have two basics kind of hero spammers.

                      1.Spam strong meta heroes like now necro or viper is.Normal human wouldn't be able to spam that shit couse its booring but that MMR greednest don't allow infected kids to not pick that as they smell free MMR.

                      2.You spam really difficult hero to learn how to play him.In this case it is understandable and fairly enough.
                      Heroes like Invoker and Earth Spirit are good examples.


                        have you clicked on my profile?


                          i spam because i find other heroes boring.


                            Whutttt I didn't spam SF because I want MMR, I spam him because he's my favorite hero. Nevermoreeeeeeee.

                            chicken spook,,,,

                              You pick the same hero over and over again ofc duh


                                I like to play wr. It is fun. I dont care if she has 44% or 50% or even 60%.

                                I guess it is similar for most people. And spamming for mmr... it is more for winning i guess.


                                  THIS IS STUPID haahahah

                                  Kotato, 62 yo

                                    the spam of Moneky king should be stopped!!! You hear me, Arin :D ?


                                      sandking had a horrible performance at ti
                                      but he is my precious little child

                                      Forget me not

                                        i like riki, i play riki


                                          i'm not arin lol

                                          Sir GueL™

                                            Lovely broodmother is the best to gain mmr. Just put it in the mid lane.
                                            At first I hate this hero cause its hard and feel useless, but after several games, I know how to play this one, and this lovely mother is super imba! Bcause the enemies cant fight it well, and lack of backup in the mid lane. So u're dominating the mid lane, and make chaos to other lane after destryoing the mid heroes. Game usually end around 30-40.
                                            I used this mom to gain mmr from 2.5k to 3.3k
                                            For now I got 10 win streak by playing her in MMR matches :

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                                              You have good taste.

                                              Kotato, 62 yo

                                                i'm not arin lol

                                                U had this long nick name, that i do not remember, but who cares :D since your name now says arin...
                                                PS ofc real arin will have the anime prof picture


                                                  spamming the same hero every game is stupid. no hero fits all scenarios (except maybe necro or viper but even those have counters - nyx/aa/silencer for necro and razor for viper mid).

                                                  picking from a small pool of 5-10 heroes makes more sense.

                                                  Jesus of Suburbia

                                                    Dude, I tried to spam AM until 104 match but still got 57% win rate

                                                    Forget me not

                                                      @sirlala you sir , is a man of culture as well with 316 games as riki and 215 games as skywrath. Sky is the next hero in the list that I wanna spam after Riki, just didn't have enough time to play dota right now.

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                                                        no hero fits all scenarios