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    I have the guaranteed best lineup for the first day, calling it right now. I will be posting my Day 1 score, post your lineup and see if you can beat mine.
    Sumail Miracle-
    +15% Kills +5% Deaths
    +5% Tower Kills +10% Creep Score
    +10% Teamfight +10% GPM
    +15% Runes Grabbed +10% Roshan Kills
    +10% First Blood +15% Runes Grabbed

    +15% Kills
    +10% Tower Kills
    +20% Camps Stacked
    +15% First Blood
    +15% Stuns

    DJ Febby
    +15% Kills +10% Kills
    +15% Deaths +15% Deaths
    +5% Obs Wards Placed +5% Roshan Kills
    +20% Runes Grabbed +10% Teamfight
    +10% First Blood +20% Obs Wards Placed


      DoftheA website tracks fantasy points of recent tournaments. Would be very useful when picking your team. Let me know if you have suggestions and feedback for the site

      Dire Wolf

        most important part is to pick players in the most games. It's kind of shitty that way because it's raw points mostly, some are averages like gpm. But since every group match is best of 2 just grab players from teams with 3 series that day. A slightly worse player playing 3 series will be more points than top player only playing 2.


          i suggest adding the parameter of relaibility that would somehow quantify the amount of matches the measure is based on for a given player


            I just put whole team EG for the first day since they play 1 match more than VP, on the 2nd day I put VP cause I collected all theyr golden cards so seems for ez points.


              I ended up with 407.63 points, anyone beat me?


                I'm missing some of my player cards since the fantasy challenge started. Did u guys have this problem as well?


                  473 pts, with midone rtz khezu yapzor yao



                      arteezy 75.57 (didnt play great at all unfortunately)
                      Miracle- 111.42
                      eLeVeN 77.24
                      Cr1t- 89.70
                      Puppey 87.04

                      ARK Gaming | aRseNOL
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                          SUper was bad mistake as IG.V played 2 less games

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                          I'm not good.

                            I got 470 points with
                            Miracle , Sumail, MC, Gh and Yazor!


                              433,82 rtz miracle eleven cr1t puppey

                              KisS My ICE!

                                HOW do you post a Picture in the comment?

                                KisS My ICE!

                                  i got 420.70 points just wanna share it

                                  Big Brother

                                    anyone wanna share their day 2 lineup?


                                      I got 483,30 - Maybe(g), Miracle(s), eleven(g), Kuroky(s) and Puppey(g). Got lucky picking most of the best scorers of that day since my cards aren't that good.

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                                        Guys, I fucked up my first day but is it worth to put whole team in each day? I got full golden VP and OG team cards with a good stats and thinkin if it is worth to put VP on the 2nd day.


                                          @kiss my ice
                                          upload image to i gur, copy the link with bbcode here

                                          lock your doors

                                            too bad all my good support cards are from teams that dont play enough games to be put in groupstage

                                            lock your doors

                                              also i regret dusting my lgds now, looks like theyll be real good in playoffs


                                                What can you do with points? any rewards?

                                                Enwolved 狼 ツ

                                                  455.71 here Miracle- , Sumail, MC, Yappi & Zai

                                                  only death decides for sure

                                                    DJ Febby Fnatic 0-6


                                                      over 9000!!!


                                                        493.36 Miracle, MidOne, KheZu, Gh, Yapzor
                                                        Intrestingly Secret gave me more points even though they lost 4 games.

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                                                          Can you write some predictions and/or post you card choices for day 2 ?


                                                            i got 453, and the only gold i had was fucking universe that gave me 60 less than all the rest.


                                                              DieWithSmile:). yeah i think the best line up for yesterday was to put all tem secrets members, i had midone and yapzor only which gave me more than all, even they lsot 4 games they had long and close games, they were not stumped.


                                                                day2 lineup
                                                                edit: changed solo to ddc

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                                                                  Day 2 ana, ramzes, s4, solo, fly
                                                                  edit: i changed s4 to Xxs because i think his silver is better than s4 gold gains

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                                                                    You should fill day 2 roster with og, vp and lfy players


                                                                      here is mine for day 2 should i swap something ?

                                                                      only death decides for sure

                                                                        Secret, Liquid and Newbee only play 2 series each tomorrow. You should put players from VP, OG, iG and Lfy for best results.


                                                                          ^oh thanks alot :)


                                                                            Day two is looking aesthetic


                                                                              @MegaComplex(Exodia).. how in earth you got so much points in first day? when you dont even know which teams will play 3 games lol

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                                                                                  maybe!! which was your line up yesterday can you share it?

                                                                                  I'm not good.

                                                                                    Mega complex , why are you not in top 100? :thinking:

                                                                                    only death decides for sure

                                                                                      That is bugged, he probably got half that amount (339).


                                                                                        maybe top 100 is bugged out or maybe gaben wont let me win or maube my score is bugged out I am leaving this one for you to figure it out :P

                                                                                        I'm not good.

                                                                                          your score bugged for sure. it bugged for me and showed 940 xD
                                                                                          anyways does the rarity of the card depends on how much points they'll get?


                                                                                            i think because he is on day 2 and it shows double the points of day 1


                                                                                              DAY 2 lineup

                                                                                              I'm not good.

                                                                                                does rarity affect the points gained?


                                                                                                  only the bounses u get from them


                                                                                                    Day 2 lineup
                                                                                                    Would have put Monet but i dont have him, I think that its better to put 2 mid laners because they usually end with higher fantasy points.
                                                                                                    Also two 4-position players for the same reason.